22,059 sats stacked
stacking since: #168351longest cowboy streak: 7
Week 1: Phillies Week 2: Diamondbacks Week 3: Orioles
Not into e-sports, but the Players mockumentary series was hilarious but short lived.
I saw a few times her stopping and poping 3s from a few steps past half court. It's certainly impressive she broke Pistol Pete Maravich's NCAA career point total. The crazy thing is that Maravich did it in 3 seasons (freshmen were not allowed to play varsity) and without a 3 point line. Some guess that Maravich would have averaged like 55+ per game if there were three pointers based on the jump shots he used to take.
Not that it matters if the cutoff is 50% of games, but I think Phillies when 3-3 from 4/1 to 4/7. Just want to point it out if it matters for tiebreakers or anything. I didn't really read the rules!
I just want to laugh about the inflation of stats in modern sports :)
I may get a strike if Phillies don't take 2 of 3 vs the Nats. But in the case I survive, my pick will be Dbacks.
I will take the Phillies week 1. Thanks for the reminder
Easter is May 5th for some, but same to you :)
At least I didn't donate those sats to myself :). Competition is over regardless of the Duke/Houston outcome tonight.
Both remaining have UConn I think. But this could be over if only one of Duke or Marquette loses haha
Or even better, both lose...would that mean you win because of tie breaker rules!!!
Ultimately it was the low seed that did you in. Brutal.
I think outlast is the only way. Gonna start being tough, non obvious picks. My strategy was simply to outlast from the start and hope to be the last remaining.
I am a fan of gambling too, I just think the risks involved aren't well enough understood by people partaking. Yes, they should be aware of what they are doing, personal responsibility is important. However, the best gamblers in the world, who analyze and pick their spots, still can get rekt. The online sports book apps aren't targeted at the informed, they are designed to take advantage of the uniformed, and hook them, encouraging spontaneity and emotional decisions. It's why promos and in game parlays, and "risk free" bets exist. I think we can rationally still have sports betting, while reducing harm by eliminating the way it's advertised and the manipulation being done by the books themselves. I know BTC betting exists, I used to deposit it Bet-Online back in the day, but this mainly comes in to discussion around the accessibility and pervasiveness of the casinos today.
There is no right or wrong answer, I'm firmly on the side it should be legal, I think in its current form it's harmful.
In regards to the leagues, I'd like to see something done, but this is business so until regulations come, why wouldn't leagues sweep scandals under the rug and reap in millions.
That's a pretty crazy high percentage. Casinos are somewhat difficult to come by in the US, but that mainly depends on where you reside. Online sports books, and now they are opening online casino games via smart phone apps, are going to change that pretty drastically.
I'll be sure to mention I don't have data to support that, so it was mostly hyperbole. But once you have the app, the amount of data they collect and use to offer promos to retain and keep you engaged is pretty staggering. So it's not farfetched to believe the advertisements you see on TV are outweighed by the advertisements used to retain/keep customers via promos and bonuses.
Yep, I typically had a set amount I deposited before each NFL season. Would lose it all quickly, and never redeposited. I didn't last year as I viewed it as a waste, instead just purchased Sunday Ticket so I could watch all games. While being disciplined and aware enough to stop is important beyond just gambling, I'd be foolish to think the outcome would be the same if I was 21 with a smartphone and app, and in college where perhaps the true value of money hasn't set in. I think we will see a wave of young adults with poor habits as a result.
I thought that years ago, mainly when daily fantasy burst on the scene, but gambling has been legal for years now. Beyond the obvious advertising, the sports books also use advanced AI and analytics to offer promos and things to suck people back in. So while we see lots of ads on TV and media, the vast majority are push notifications and emails, trapping existing users in a problematic cycle.