424,223 sats stacked
stacking since: #9274longest cowboy streak: 82
Vs what LA? Who has empty seats? Donโ€™t confuse quantity with quality
Buffalo!! All this losing and fans are still passionate
Motivated self sovereign individuals will self custody others wonโ€™t.
The tech and the tools are there for the majority of people who wish to take matters into their own hands.
But everything is not for everybody so custodial solutions that minimize rug risk will exist! Just like some people are eager to drive a car and others never learn and deal with the consequences of not knowing how to drive.
The machine will run right over him. Same way they ran over Trump.
Itโ€™s mind blowing when you price your bills in sats. From January to December my mortgage payment went down almost by 50%. Itโ€™s crazy
๐Ÿ˜‚ I agree with most of this post. The reason I never use wavelake is the stupid email sign up.
Stomach bugs are the worst bugs
๐Ÿ˜† fixed it Iโ€™m back
Changed my LND Alias and all my LNC connections just broke ๐Ÿ˜ซ๐Ÿ˜ซ
Yeah I knew it was stupid paying the โ€œfeeโ€ but the amount I already put in I wanted to get back
Here is a rough timeline on how I got suckered into this. (Without the reasons why I decided to take this risk)
  • I was in search of cash flow to meet certain fiat obligations
  • A random person on telegram started to message me. Confirmed they werenโ€™t a bot or scammer by verifying their identity
  • This person suggested I use HSG and another site to earn a return as they had success
  • I put a little in both sites during the fall of 2022.
  • The other site kept waiting more deposit before withdrawing. I stopped and the losses were minor
  • Meanwhile HSG paid me out in December 2022 and never requested more deposits
  • In the start of 2023 HSG stated no more withdrawals until April 2023 as they were having tax issues with the IRS unless you were part of their top tier investment threshold
  • Added funds to become top tier
  • HSG wanted a fee to pay the IRS. Once fee was paid they would process withdrawal
  • Once that wasnโ€™t paid charged another fee to pay via Bitcoin. Paid that fee no withdrawal processed
  • HSG wanted another fee to send out debit cards to process withdrawals. Paid that fee in late August
  • Debit card never came and it appears they all but disappeared. Site login still works but no response from the live chat customer service.
This is just a really brief synopsis of how this unfolded. I am leaving a lot out but that should give you an idea of the scam and how a little bit of BTC ended up being a lot.