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There are 60 seconds in a minute thanks to the ancient Sumerians. It's actually linked to our 5 fingers. How? Well 60 / 5 = 12 right. And you have 3 segments per finger. So they would hold up one finger on one hand then count the segments on 4 fingers so 3 x 4 = 12, lift another finger on the other hand taking you to 24 and so on, until 60
According to latest OMG release we will see a rate cut before elections
Chain anal advertise support for lightning, so consider it compromised.
To use lightning privately is possible, but cumbersome.
I've been using mutiny for months. Paid a $90 lightning invoice with it recently. Stable and usable, if you know how to manage channel liquidity that is ;-)
There are no web APIs into those secure elements
People don't talk on the internet anymore, they only consume and watch TikTok shit. So not much product development in this space.
There is no better option when you make a holistic decision including tradeoffs of various options.
OK I see, so the sanctions reduced exports which hurt industry. Makes sense, thanks!
I thought the EU passing sanctions was supposed to hurt Russia, not the other way around. How does that work exactly?
Lightning is an inter-database RPC layer
I suggest you take a look at the dictionary entry before arguing about definitions
I mean you could have a sovereign group
Lightning is already unusable in a self sovereign manner by average user. Sounds like this just compounded the issue.
The loss of cheap Russian gas is mentioned a few times. What else is included in "the Russian sanctions"?
70k sat bounty for a CLN guide, I have a stuck channel close at 2sat/vB and don't have time / priority to figure out these steps.
@koob do you guys donate to legal funds trying to get a de minimis passed?
Sweet monkeys there are some statist replies in this thread. You guys should rather become eth maximalists and embrace your CBDCs
Anyway thanks for bringing this to the foreground. When the rubber hits the road people must decide whether they want shiny pet rocks or to fix the world even if that comes with risk.
@supertestnet please grace us with your reasoning, so that I may parrot it when they kick down my front door