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Any passport from the Schengen Area would probably be very high on that list as allows you free movement to 29 European countries.
I think having another passport is a good idea, as that gives you options. Being stuck in one country is not ideal.
You never know what your country will be in a decade.
If I install, say, gmail or google maps on this phone, have I ruined privacy?
There are degrees of privacy.
With GrapheneOS you have the option to not give big tech your data, but of course you can opt-in to do so installing Gmail or other Google/Meta/etc apps.
Note that you can read and send emails from your gmail account using a much more private email client, such as FairEmail or K-9 Email
You can also get map directions using other apps such as Organic Maps, Magic Earth, etc.
Is it possible to have multiple "private" profiles? For instance,
Yes, you can have multiple profiles, including a guest one:
GrapheneOS raises the limit on the number of secondary user profiles to 32 (31 + guest) instead of only 4 (3 + guest) to make this feature much more flexible.
Each one of these profiles is unique, private, and independent of each other. For example you can have a special profile with sandboxed Google Play installed while your main profile doesn't have it.
User profiles each have their own unique, randomly generated disk encryption key and their own unique key encryption key is used to encrypt it. The owner profile is special and is used to store sensitive system-wide operating system data. This is why the owner profile needs to be logged in after a reboot before other user profiles can be used. The owner profile does not have access to the data in other profiles.
For further information, the GrapheneOS discussion board is excellent, as well as the official site
This article explains how Microsoft is confident in the upcoming Qualcomm ARM chips.
Apple has been very successful with their ARM chips (M1, M2, etc).
This makes me wonder about Intel. Will they become the next Nokia?
I find it that the best inventions are created by a small group of people.
Even single devs have created amazing stuff.
I have only love for the marijuana
I will share with you this quote I find relevant:
Give up one thing to get everything, or give up everything for one thing
AI will never have a direct connection to spirit and source
What do you mean with this phrase?
If you see two artworks, one made by a human and one made by an AI, where is the spirit and source in each one? how can you tell the difference?
What I can see is that an AI doesn't have intent.
So, in reality, in the example I discussed before, it was really two humans, but one used AI. An AI doesn't create an artwork out of the blue. It doesn't have intent like humans can have.
It has been illegal since 1313 to wear a suite of armor in the British Parliament
"that in all Parliaments, Treatises and other Assemblies, which should be made in the Realm of England for ever, that every Man shall come without all Force and Armour"
Difficulty in Bitcoin is updated every 2016 blocks.
This number is the reverse of the executive order 6102 which made people let go of all their gold.
Coincidence? I don't think so.
executive order 6102
Difficulty in Bitcoin is updated every 2016 blocks.
Coincidence? I don't think so.
Bitcoin is the opposite of what happened in 1933.
Who knows about this?, that answer changes everything.
If everyone knows, then people will freak out in the beginning, then slowly accommodate to the new life, then panic at the end. I would plan to take advantage of this in the short term.
If only I know, then I would take a lot of long term credit (30 years for example) and stop working for an income. This would allow me to travel the world freely, experience new cultures and ways of life, meet a lot of people, exercise often, and learn as much as I can about life.
Writing this reminded me that most people on Earth are basically exchanging most of their time in their whole life, specially their prime years, to get paid an amount of money that barely allows you to live, maybe save a little bit. It's kinda like being a slave with extra steps.
Blue Wallet is nice because it can import any kind of wallet.
For example you can use an Alby wallet, or you can import a watch only wallet, etc.
Blue Wallet and Phoenix for the phone, Alby and Stacker News for Desktop.
TMI @k00b, I still like you though :)
If No More Mr. Nice Guy was a required read, I reckon we would have a better civilization.
With Bitcoin you can pay money directly to anyone around the world, 24/7, without any intermediaries, with almost no fees.
Anyone around the world can receive payments from you, they don't need a bank to open an account. They only need an Internet connection and a device connected to it.
In the same way, you can get paid money from all around the world, with no merchant fees, actually receiving Bitcoin is free as the mining fees are paid by the sender.
Also, it is completely transparent. Every single transaction since Genesis can be looked up.
It's really a game changer.
Plenty of bright people working for advertisement companies as well (i.e. Google).
People will just go to the highest paying jobs, independent of what they sell.