Oh my, 2 of the best closers in the league is no joke! Poor Minny getting their souls beat out of them. 34 seconds left, but game is already over.
Pick one.
a) minny were overrated because they beat the champs b) minny used the entire gas tank to beat the champs and didn’t have enough left for Dallas c) Dallas is just that damn good d) Dallas is just that damn hot right now
I think it's c.
Something we may have overlooked is that this Wolves team was designed to beat the Nuggets, specifically. It turned out they weren't quite tooled up for Kyrie and Luka. Also, once again, KAT is the dumbest player in the league and it's hard to win with the dumbest guy in the league on the court.
I actually think it’s a bit of b, c, and d but since I said pick one c is good.
I wouldn’t say minny is overrated they could have won all 3 of these games. Maybe their ability to close out a game is overrated. I think Kyrie and Luka are incredible but I also think they are hot right now. Some of those shots were ridiculous.
But give them credit where credit is due so I agree with C.
Boston game plan: be up by 10 going into the final minute of every game.
Boston definitely can do that, and would probably need to do that to win. If they let the Mavs keep it close, what happened to Minny could very well happen to them.
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I also pick c.
I think it's matchup. Dallas seems to be a bad matchup for Minny, with both Kyrie and Luka balling. When Minny double them, they feed the others; when Minny play them one on one, Minny gets cooked and eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner. Also, all 3 games were quite close until the final minutes in the 4th. Then Luka and/or Kyrie would take over and close up the game.
It seems if Minny wants to win, they need to get a big lead and maintain the lead until late in the 4th. If the game stays close until late, Kyrie and/or Luka will find a way to win. But we're already at 3-0, so it might already be too late for Minny.
Also, I feel your frustration on KAT. When I watch him play, I kept wondering WTF was he doing? Does he not know he is 7 feet tall? Why isn't he exploiting his size and just kept chucking up 3's that miss? He already missed 5 or 6 3's and still kept shooting them. I was like, go to the rim man! SMH...
Ok I will mark you down as undecided on Raptors acquiring KAT. Haha
Good analysis. I think you are right about it being a bad matchup for Minny.