I also pick c.
I think it's matchup. Dallas seems to be a bad matchup for Minny, with both Kyrie and Luka balling. When Minny double them, they feed the others; when Minny play them one on one, Minny gets cooked and eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner. Also, all 3 games were quite close until the final minutes in the 4th. Then Luka and/or Kyrie would take over and close up the game.
It seems if Minny wants to win, they need to get a big lead and maintain the lead until late in the 4th. If the game stays close until late, Kyrie and/or Luka will find a way to win. But we're already at 3-0, so it might already be too late for Minny.
Also, I feel your frustration on KAT. When I watch him play, I kept wondering WTF was he doing? Does he not know he is 7 feet tall? Why isn't he exploiting his size and just kept chucking up 3's that miss? He already missed 5 or 6 3's and still kept shooting them. I was like, go to the rim man! SMH...
Ok I will mark you down as undecided on Raptors acquiring KAT. Haha
Good analysis. I think you are right about it being a bad matchup for Minny.