Stacker News is a place for Bitcoiners to connect and share interesting ideas.

If there was one Stacker News principle to live by, it would be to follow your curiosity and share content that fascinates you.

Right now, much of the conversation on Stacker News revolves around Bitcoin and related topics, but over time there will be new topics that are covered on different subs.

This guide is designed to share best practices for posting content so you can get the most out of your experience here.

What To Share on Stacker News

It’s worth repeating the central idea from the previous section here.

If you’re not sure what to share, follow your curiosity and share content that you find fascinating.

You can share interesting links, original posts, or Bitcoin job listings. You can also add comments to any type of post to have in-depth discussions with other users.

Below are a few best practices worth considering when sharing content.

Where possible, share links from original sources. Original sources tend to get more attention (and stack more sats) than secondary tweets, articles, and other content derived from an original source.

Take a moment to make sure your title is accurate, complete, and succinct. Precise and thoughtful titles help more people see your post, and help you stack more sats.

If someone has already shared your link, you’ll see a “dupe” warning on the post screen. Consider tipping that link instead of posting a duplicate link. Duplicate links tend to be ignored, and by tipping the first person to post your link, you can stack sats as part of our daily reward.


Just like link post titles, your discussion title should be succinct and should accurately describe the topic you’re writing about. Consider spending a few moments improving your post title, as this can determine whether or not other users decide to read (or tip) your content.

If you are writing a post that contains multiple paragraphs, consider formatting your post. Adding subheadings to your discussion post makes it easy for readers to keep up with your writing. Stacker News will automatically generate a searchable Table of Contents when multiple subheadings are included in a discussion post.


Be kind. Your experience on Stacker News will be far more enjoyable if you consistently share kind, constructive, and helpful comments with other users.

When responding to other users, consider using full sentences and appropriate grammar. The added context can help readers follow your train of thought and engage in better back-and-forth dialogue.

What Not To Share on Stacker News

Instead of explicitly telling users what they can and can’t share, Bitcoin is the tool that the Stacker News community uses to signal which content is (or is not) valued.

If you regularly earn tips for your content, consider it a signal that other users enjoy what you’re sharing. If users regularly ignore your content, consider it a signal that they aren’t finding it valuable.

Content That Gets Ignored

Generally speaking, referral links, repetitive content, and posts that are not related to Bitcoin tend to be ignored by the Stacker News community.

Because all posts cost money, anyone who is regularly posting content that the community ignores has a financial and social incentive to either share more relevant content or avoid posting at all.

Connect with Stacker News Users

Stacking sats and seeing your post at the top of the page is always fun, but the best part about Stacker News is connecting and sharing ideas with our global community of Bitcoiners.

The daily discussion thread is a great place to introduce yourself to the community and to share whatever is on your mind. Think of this thread as a lounge or social club where you can share freely without being bound by the constraint of Bitcoin-related discussions.


Is it on the roadmap to extend to more "substacks" in the future... like even some non-crypto related categories?

Really enjoy the platform! Thanks everyone!

Can we please have the numbers about the community's tipping patterns? e.g. average, median tipping amount per post etc.? It would be an interesting information to track and add to the weekly newsletter.

Thank you

Perhaps something we can add to the user analytics page. Thanks for the recommendation!

The all time top post of SN are:

  1. Announcements from SN
  2. AMAs
  3. Software announcements or releases

It's like all the boring parts of a podcast but somehow it gets the most love here.

The all time top Hacker News, by contrast, is actually news.

Maybe you are not tipping enough on the content that you would like to see more?

SN is high signal for builders, not consumers.

Interesting that the recent LND bug isn't even close to being a top post of the year. Meanwhile, it probably was the most significant event for builders to be aware of.

I think a more apt description is, SN is a circle-jerk for power users of BTC

I’m new here. I came for the “news” and the reward model built on BTC. It feels like Reddit except quietly more sane and focused on the one subject I want to be here for, Bitcoin. So I appreciate the tech posts (and have a higher degree of trust in the sources.) but I really enjoy the social dialogue and current news/topics. Hopefully sticks around and grows!

Sometimes when on my phone I write a SN with some typos.

It pains me that I am unable to edit my comment and fix it.

I'm not a fan of arbitrary edits, but isn't there a way to easily check that the user just edited his comment to fix typos and grammar? Like checking a % of changed characters.

I think this would improve the overall reading experience.

What do you mean with unable to edit?

You have 10 minutes after posting for editing.

Hmm where is the edit button?

Edit: nvm, found it, I've never actually looked at a comment if mine just after posting it.

Edit2: this was a great thing to learn about even if I made a fool of myself, worth it!

Edit: nvm, found it,

lol, I see what you did here. Could have been shorted to "Edit: ", lol

No worries, everyone makes mistake :) Some make more funny mistakes than other, however, haha

I think I will have a better experience with stacker New. Thanks for the guide

I know what'll get my users to post, a post telling them how to post!

Go fish...

People asked for this to exist. It'll be linked to in the footer. This is what we came up with.

If you'd like to propose alternative recommendations, we'd listen and would love that.


When responding to other users, consider using full sentences and appropriate grammar. The added context can help readers follow your train of thought and engage in better back-and-forth dialogue.


With gratitud: "the wind always favors the traveler who knows his course".

Hmm I guess I ought to read more of the markdown documentation to format my posts in a more visually pleasing manner.

#A better experience in sight I think I will have a better experience with stacker New. Thanks for the guide

Maybe tips on Bitcoin education about the commodity and self custody

Thank you for the update.

Clarity is key. 🙏🏻