Sometimes when on my phone I write a SN with some typos.
It pains me that I am unable to edit my comment and fix it.
I'm not a fan of arbitrary edits, but isn't there a way to easily check that the user just edited his comment to fix typos and grammar? Like checking a % of changed characters.
I think this would improve the overall reading experience.
What do you mean with unable to edit?
You have 10 minutes after posting for editing.
Hmm where is the edit button?
Edit: nvm, found it, I've never actually looked at a comment if mine just after posting it.
Edit2: this was a great thing to learn about even if I made a fool of myself, worth it!
No worries, everyone makes mistake :) Some make more funny mistakes than other, however, haha
Edit: nvm, found it,
lol, I see what you did here. Could have been shorted to "Edit: ", lol