Top Territories Q1-2024 🎩

It's time to talk territories and to look at how they've been performing since going-live in December 2023. Recently I have been reviewing post data on SN to try and encourage more long-form content.
Below are 21 charts that you might find useful. For the first few charts, we'll look at just the top stacker-led territories, to examine number of sats, comments, comment sats & total zaps.
Few things to note:
  • the data driving these charts is only pulling-in posts with >1k sats total.
  • the data ignores any post data below 1k sat threshold, so 9,602 posts total.
  • territories have been flagged as Core, New, Archived & Moderated.
  • core being ~bitcoin, ~nostr, ~tech and ~meta.
  • most charts are using data since launch between 5-Dec-23 > 29-Mar-24.

1. Top NEW Territories - Total Sats

Of the new territories since they went live 5th December, we can view the number of sats from >1k sat posts cumulatively generated for each territory. ~lightning, ~econ & ~booksandarticles are in a league of their own.
Note: along the x-axis are weeks since the new territories became live. e.g. week 1 corresponds to w/c 4th December.

2. Top NEW Territories - Comments

Number of comments total from >1k sat posts cumulatively shown per territory since 5th December. ~econ & ~booksandarticles are in orbit already!

3. Top NEW Territories - Sats From Comments

For new territories, the number of sats from comments for the best performing territories on this metric. Again ~booksandarticles & ~econ way ahead, with ~culture doing great early-on before getting archived. It's back now though!

4. Top NEW Territories - Zaps

The number of stackers that zapped a >1k sat post inside each territory. Familiar theme here, ~booksandarticles, ~econ & ~lightning the top 3. ~charts is about to pip ~privacy to 4th spot.

5. Top NEW Territories - Founder Influence

Total sats earned by founders of that territory can be shown as a percentage of the total sats, on >1k sat posts. This is perhaps suggesting ~devs, ~privacy, ~oracle, ~stacker_sports & ~earth could encourage more stacker involvement.

6. Top NEW Territories - Posts with >1k Sats

7. Top NEW Territories - Posts with >10k Sats

8. Top NEW Territories - Number of Zaps on Posts

9. Top OVERALL For Sats - exc. Bitcoin & Meta

πŸ‘† This chart is pretty crazy. ~bitcoin & ~meta may be untouchable for total sats and were therefore excluded from the graphic. But ~nostr & ~tech have been overtaken by most of these new territories now. The best territories overtook them in Week 8 and the chasing pack in Week 14, when MSM went live. ~ecash in its short history had some great traction and would have appeared, but has since been archived. Might be a great candidate for a passionate stacker to pick-up, if you can match the passion of the prior founder.

10. Top OVERALL - Cumulative Weekly Stackers Posting

11. Territories By Type - Sats

Tracking back to 5th December (Week 1), you can see that by Week 12, total sats from new territories overtook the total sats for core territories like ~bitcoin, ~meta, ~tech, ~nostr. This is a pretty big deal. It shows @kr was right all along and that territories have been a resounding success for the stacker community.

12. Territories By Type - Comments

After tracking the core territories for weeks, in Week 16 there were more comments on new territories than the core ones (at least on posts with >1k sats).

13. Territories By Type - Zaps

Zaps for the new territories are still slightly behind the core territories, but the numbers are much more stable, with more shallow peaks & troughs.

14. Territories By Type - Sats From Comments

Besides Week 12-14, sats from comments are tracking each other pretty nicely. Not much difference at all between new & core territories.

15. All Territories - # of 1k Posts**

If there was ever any doubt whether territories were good for Stacker News - this chart for total number of posts achieving 1k sats says it all... πŸš€

16. All Territories - # of 10k Posts**

And more and more stackers are feeling comfortable writing longer and more successful posts, with this chart showing total posts achieving 10k sats or more.

17. All Territories - Total Sats

The number of stackers zapping posts is clearly on the up this quarter too. The new territories are taking-over the market dominance the monopoly of ~bitcoin territory had.

18. All Territories - Sats Per Post

The sats generated per post is somewhat stable or stagnant on the whole, in spite of Bitcoin NGU technology doing its thing & satoshis becoming more valuable. Stacker News sats-per-post now becoming a stablecoin, pretty much πŸ˜…

19. All Territories - Zaps Per Post

No huge differences here between where you post your article. with between 16 and 24 people zapping each post. ~meta remains in a league of its own for number of stackers zapping each post.

20. All Territories - Comments

Comments & engagement is also pretty stable this quarter, with ~meta and ~nostr having bigger quarters for number of comments per post than prior months.

21. All Territories - Unique Stackers Posting

Lastly, this shows the number of individual stackers posting to ~bitcoin is reducing, whilst other territories are rising rapidly. Again territories are well embedded in SN culture now, ready to propel it to new heights by this next cycle.

❓ Why look at Territory data?

So why go to all this effort, when we can see the totals for Top Territories at any snapshot in time? The aim with this post was to dig a little deeper into territories that have taken-off naturally, those that are hidden-gems with traction & those territories that are still heavily supported by their founders at this time. To see how the landscape has changed over time. To see where it may be best to post. It was helpful when performing this analysis to see where there is signal on the site currently, especially after having muted a bunch of territories at launch. If you are like me, you might wish to reassess if you should unmute some.
Bonus reason: It was also useful for me when I saw a bunch of territories that were archived, to analyse which had a potential future to take on myself. This led me to secure ~culture which was heavily used from Week 1 of territory season. I also wanted to experiment with bringing higher-quality signal to the ~AI territory. More on both of those soon!
We're now 17 weeks since the launch of Territories as a SN feature, so the hope is we can reassess our muted territories, and give credit to those fostering a great community here on SN, since the initial flurry of new 'subs' created a big splash with the rowdy locals in the daily saloon.

All Active Territories - 5th Dec 2023 to 29th Mar 2024

NameFounder SatsSatsAvg SatsAvg CommsAvg ZapsAuthors>1k Posts>10k Posts
~lightning3%642k πŸ₯‡5.1k11.422.670125 πŸ₯‰12 πŸ₯‡
~BooksAndArticles14%583k πŸ₯ˆ3.1k15.820.146 πŸ₯‡186 πŸ₯‡8 πŸ₯ˆ
~econ22%553k πŸ₯‰3.0k14.418.044 πŸ₯ˆ184 πŸ₯ˆ4
~privacy56%394k5.0k16.425.241 πŸ₯‰764
~mostly_harmless16%368k7.4k πŸ₯‰22.627.317506
~oracle43%340k16.2k πŸ₯‡29.8 πŸ₯‰21.29212
~AMA 🚩1%197k15.1k πŸ₯ˆ58.5 πŸ₯‡41.5 πŸ₯‡12138 πŸ₯ˆ
~libertarian 🚩0%125k2.6k18.416.716482
~health 🚩9%76.4k2.2k20.617.722350
~history 🚩0%59.8k3.3k24.520.210181
~AGORA 🚩64%58.5k3.1k11.619.47191
~Music 🚩17%57.3k3.0k28.416.111192
~Design 🚩43%52.2k3.1k20.921.45170
~DIY0%28.4k4.7k22.728.8 πŸ₯‰561
~Linux0%13.0k4.3k22.730.3 πŸ₯ˆ330
~lol 🚩14%9.1k2.3k15.021.3440
~B2B 🚩0%6.0k1.5k6.58.0440
~Cannabis19%5.5k1.8k36.3 πŸ₯ˆ25.3330
~FiresidePhilosophy 🚩100%2.3k2.3k3.011.0110
Grand Total14.3%14.2M3.9k17.521.115713607201
🚩 refers to moderated territories 🟑 refers to core territories (not new) avg comms = avg comments per post (to save space in table)

Archived Territories

NameFounder SatsSatsAvg SatsAvg CommsAvg ZapsAuthors>1k Posts>10k Posts
~ecash38%204k πŸ₯‡4,52913.824.020 πŸ₯ˆ45 πŸ₯ˆ6 πŸ₯‡
~news1%161k πŸ₯ˆ2,40117.317.826 πŸ₯‡65 πŸ₯‡1
~education8%43.1k πŸ₯‰3,32119.122.912 πŸ₯‰131
~Ask_SN5%42.0k2,79937.7 πŸ₯ˆ22.81115 πŸ₯‰0
~DeepDive100%36.0k11,975 πŸ₯‡3.329.3 πŸ₯‡132 πŸ₯ˆ
~litdevs25%29.6k7,406 πŸ₯‰9.528.0 πŸ₯‰441
~Memes0%29.6k4,93077.2 πŸ₯‡28.7 πŸ₯ˆ261
~events94%23.4k7,800 πŸ₯ˆ6.013.7231
~espanol100%1.6k1,60833.0 πŸ₯‰19.0110
Grand Total29.0%753.2K3,12518.719.417123914

🏁 Conclusion - Territory Takeaways

  1. the effect of Million Sat Madness was on full display recently - the metrics jumped inside new territories during Week 14 for sats, comments & number of 1k posts, before settling-down.
  2. amazing to see the new territories taking 3rd spot for total sats, comments & zaps, behind only ~bitcoin & ~meta.
  3. it doesn't look like there's any doubt now that territories have been a huge success story for Stacker News.
  4. ~booksandarticles in particular & ~econ too are killing it for engagement & number of unique authors πŸ”₯ congrats @siggy47 & @jeff.
  5. ~lightning is acting like a core territory for people now - particularly for sats generated.
  6. ~charts & ~design recently burst onto the scene - amazing progress by @kr and @Design_r.
  7. it is starting to seem like it matters less & less where you post any given article on SN these days. previously @meta had acted as the holy grail for conversations & average number of comments (and yet is now 4th for that metric).
  8. providing the POW & value is inside for all to see, and you engage with the responses in the comments - it is looking like you can expect to be rewarded on SN no matter the territory.
  9. ~devs, ~stacker_sports, ~privacy, ~oracle, ~earth have some work to do to see founders collecting fewer sats inside the territory.
  10. ~culture had a huge launch & is now out of the stacker-psyche after it became archived. Hoping its new owner can bring some more eyeballs back to it & build on the early momentum.
  11. ~ecash was getting some great traction and interest, before it became an archived territory too.
  12. Anything else grab your attention? Which of the ~charts was your favourite? Let's hear it in the comments below...
Have really appreciated all your work bringing insight into the workings of SN, in addition to your kickass more traditional posts. So glad you're here!
Thanks chum. You’re one of my favourite stackers too. I initially muted ~mostly_harmless but this post showed me just how much I was missing out. Congrats on making it one of the top territories.
Can’t wait to get back to β€˜writing’ now and forking-off from some of your ideas.
~mostly_harmless is a great territory. I feel like it took off a little bit when ~culture got archived, so maybe you two are in a bit of a rivalry.
Before the archiving, I thought of ~mostly_harmless as the more discussion oriented of the two and ~culture as the more news and current events, but I'm not sure exactly what davidw's going for yet.
It's been super fun to nudge it along, but mostly discovering what it wants to be. I mean, it will always be where I can post my hodgepodge of thoughts, since I bloody paid for the right for it to be that, but it has taken on a flavor I hadn't anticipated. It's like raising a child, a little -- you only have so much control.
I don't know whether you had any intention of this, but I do ask myself whether it's something you might be interested in before I post it there. Maybe whatever form it's taking is a sort of fun-house reflection of our impression of you.
Honestly it never occurred to me, in the beginning, that anyone else would post there at all -- I didn't even bother to give a description of the territory that made sense without context.
But then it turned out that people posted things that sort of matched the vibe of stuff I generally care about, and that was the joy in it -- I had hoped that I could find people who would want to talk to me about stuff I think is interesting, by me bringing shiny bits of foil back to the nest that a handful of interested people might react to, and it has turned out way better than that, with people bringing their own bits of foil, for everyone to react to. Now I'm learning what the vibe is as much as laying it down.
It seems impossible that it can keep working like this, but I'm enjoying it while it does.
Maybe whatever form it's taking is a sort of fun-house reflection of our impression of you.
Haha this + posting there feels like paying 420 sats for a part of @elvismercury's precious attention and hoping for one of his thoughtful replies. πŸ‘€
I also feel like @k00b's How To Fail reminded everyone about ~mostly_harmless. At least it reminded me and then I thought: Why not post my Z2Z posts there since they belong less and less in ~meta?
I have no idea either, but there’s more than enough turf to differentiate the 2. And to build back-up the momentum so that they feed each other.
I do know I don’t just want ~culture to become a clown-world cluster. More than enough of that β€˜content’ on twittex.
Btw, great job coming in off the top rope with this post right before the end of MSM. It's safe to say you secured one of those top 5 slots with this POW.
If I had chickens to count, I still wouldn’t be doing it just yet.
Appreciate it though. Been a crazy busy month. Even without considering the sat-race.
Started-out great in first 10 days with MSM, but neglected 50% of the equation until recently with upvotes of early posts & comments. So would be pretty happy with holding position.
Thanks for the data.
Fantastic graphs! Thank you for breaking down the data in such an easy-to-digest way!
Thanks for taking the time once again to collect this data. I'm looking forward to see how the results change over time, and also to see what effect, if any, the bitcoin fiat price cycle has on future growth.
said it above & I’ll say it again ~booksandarticles is rocking thanks to you. You’re setting the bar and creating an educational powerhouse here on SN.
I would even go as far as saying people are reading 20% more, given how much is being shared on the site these days. But I obviously can’t quantify that. It might be interesting for you to do a survey or poll on that. How many books people are reading per year/quarter. Because I guarantee those metrics will increase if you keep doing what you’re doing.
That survey would be a good idea. Thanks for the credit, but I think it's a real chicken or egg question. I am constantly amazed at how well read the crowd is here.
Thanks for another illuminating post! It makes for a great narrative. We have been caught up in which territories would make profit eventually, if at all. This reminds us of how Rome wasn’t built in a day, and signs of small progress ought to be applauded.
I like chart 19 the most. It’s heartening to know that a great post stands independently of which territory the author posts it. This will encourage me to post stuff in territories I have yet to explore!
Fantastic stats and a great proof-of-work. I believe these statistics will benefit not only territory owners but all Stackers.
Great report and information! This is fantastic PoW!!!
Am I a new owner because the territory went into and out of archive? Really appreciate and will take a deeper dive for info and reference!
β€˜New’ is just defined as a custom territory after 5th December, when @k00b stopped hogging all the good hangout spots.
In future I may compare new-new vs old-new stacker territories. But I don’t plan on updating these charts again anytime soon πŸ˜…
I bet!
can't tell you how much i appreciate these posts. amazing (proof of) work, and being able to zap you sats directly for it is pretty cool too.
i really think we might be on to something here, with this whole stacker news thing...
Which of the ~charts was your favourite?

11. Territories By Type - Sats

17. All Territories - Total Sats

#17 is definitely the birth of TGU. Territories go up.
As owner of ~lol and ~conspiracy , I hope these charts make clear how poor I am. ;D
Both have decent number of zaps per post, so don’t be discouraged.
With more time I would have charted the next batch of territories. There were too many squiggly lines (& not enough colours) to include all on each chart, whilst keeping them legible.
In good fun. Great post, good work.
With how I understand "hot" to work, what's the added value of muting?
It struck me as a pretty big overreaction when you all did it initially, but maybe I just don't fully appreciate the rationale.
As someone who came on later, I muted a few that clearly were never going to be for me, but I also assumed muting worked when looking at "new." Does it not?
Yeah, I think it does.
I was just thinking that "hot" is already sort of tailored to your reading and zapping habits, so there is a feed for the stuff you're most likely to be interested in.
The Nix OS territory is hanging in there.
Thanks! These are some great insights. Hope @DesertDave reads it and adds some easy guidance, so as to apply in his territor. :'
Thanks for diving into this data! It's great to see such a compelling analysis. BTW ~AGORA is not moderated anymore, but the tag stays there as there's some outlawed posts
No worries & that’s good to know. Yes the tag or label still shows, but it doesn’t seem to make much difference to sats/comments anyway.
I wonder if in future that can be less prominent if you disable it.
I have the same issue, only one comment was outlawed and the tag still there, even if I disabled the moderation. I think that orange pill could scary and block people from posting interesting content. Maybe @k00b or @ek can do something in this regard?
Another thing that I noticed is that comments outlawed by admins or bot aren't included in the orange pill.
My favourite is Alter_native but it's not there in the list for anything. Maybe it's new so!
Definitely some great ideas in ~alter_native for sure but a) yes it’s early & b) not enough 1k Sat posts yet for that territory.
There are SO many posts below 2.5k threshold and so I had to draw the line somewhere reasonable. 1k sats I believe is generally a sound measure for PoW.
Wow really great insights! Very telling on the interests of the stacker community! Lighting makes sense I wonder how Liquid would do?
Lots of really interesting information. Great post @davidw will take me a little while to fully go over it and dissect it. I think unfortunately the way to doing well, is high posting fees. It might be as unavoidable as moderation was. I didn't want to go down the route of moderation but it's what was voted for by the users to combat the bots we had.
Lots to think about here for sure.
I am curious if we have the data for activity in a territory Vs sats stacked? As I'm wondering if other territories have the issue of few zaps but a fair bit of engagement?
There’s plenty of charts showing glimpses into that. Not least the table at the bottom, to see amount of stackers zapping, commenting and sats from comments. Take your time to digest it all, it won’t be updated anytime soon. Cheers!
Thank you, I only skimmed it so far, but I intend to dive deep into it and use as much of it as I can to drive ~Music towards self sustainability.
~ecash was getting some great traction and interest, before it became an archived territory too.
Not really. The traction was there originally but died out due to lack of new material and lack of me having any time for it. 200k sats of activity puts it well into the negative and most of that was probably me.
Fair. The crew definitely enjoyed those posts. I hear you that you could generate the same results and sats, by posting elsewhere without the cost to carry of a niche territory.
it is starting to seem like it matters less & less where you post any given article on SN these days.
Yeah that was an interesting insight you shared, among many. Not sure what I think about it yet besides that I think you're indeed right.
I expect that will get decreasingly true with scale. I will be surprised if life in territories a year from now looks much like it does now, or if the insights still apply.
Always neat to see. Wonder how stacker news will change/grow.
Thanks for sharing this valuable info
Thanks for the update. I feel like my territory ~Outdoors is somewhat steady. People seem to still be posting. I’m working on making it better for everyone and coming up with creative ideas.
In the meantime don’t be afraid to share your outdoor experiences with us! I zap sats! I’ve also done giveaways and will have more in the future!
Stay solvent and stay outdoors!
Hi @davidw, could you please share how you derived the total sats charts? Specifically, did you incorporate both revenue and sats stacked in your calculations? I'm having difficulty replicating the results and would appreciate some insight..
stackers have outlawed this. turn on wild west mode in your /settings to see outlawed content.