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so I rugged myself
lost my nsec
looking for people to lecture me about responsible backup procedures and mnemonic writing and nostr self-ownership if possible
I wrote a mnemonic down and wrote it wrong, or wrote the wrong one, or something. I dunno. Ever look for your keys forever and find them in the fridge? And wonder if it could actually be elves or something? That's what this is like. I can't believe I did it. But I did.
Anyway, here I am, back, with a new npub and nsec, and I've tested whether I can recover it with the mnemonic this time, not just written it down.
so just FYI
The old stacker profile nym is now @UCantDoThatDotRugged (it was still logged in on my phone but will logout one of these days)
I've transferred ownership of territories to this one, now aptly named @UCantDoThatDotNet
I prove this new one here is really me, and not some equally ascerbic imposter who has murdered me for my laptop and phone, by putting this new npub on my website ucantdothat.net, and also my alby address is connected to the new npub.
If that's not enough proof for you, I can meme your shit up right, son
Web -> UCantDoThat.net Nostr -> UCantDoThat@getalby.com -> npub1vvxkk7k6e5mcyq5k773wlmrzv6pa9c8gzsux7ds5wf28mm5r9nlskqack8 Telegram -> t.me/ucantdothatdotnet
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Welcome aboard!
You sound like John Stossel
No you can’t!
Response to Obama, yes we can!
Obama: yes we can destroy America and the rule of law and the bill of rights