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That would be amazing I could find people in need to get off 0 it aint easy but ill make it happen . Btw thank you @DarthCoin for helping this Lady with out knowing her and thank you all for your generosity it might not be much for most but this is a game changer for her and her family much love to you all and once again thank yall so much
Facts my brother beer is healthier and you need to stay well hydrated at all times in el Salvador. I cant believe I forgot to mention somthing so important, the cost of hydration. A beer in ES 1$ to 1.15 for local and 2.50 for imports
Mr.M choice go for Regia or Pilsner For local
For imports tall can Heineken best bang for buck
I survived el Salvador, been here for over a decade. I would recommend living here , it is very safe no more gangs no more problems.
Wokeism is non existent. Salvadorians are very conservative So much so I think It will be hard to decriminalise weed.
Cost of living is up to you, you want to live in tourist traps? west side fuck boy life style spend your hard earn Sats? or be a cheap fuck like Mr.M and stack as hard as humanly possible by living on the east side in a jungle?
All is priced in USD
150- 350 a month you can imagen the one I go for, Thats right the hamoc outdoors Roofs are so fiat
Food depends your diet If your carni it would be around 320 a month If your vegan probaby around 140 Month
Phone well since Im loser and I love my sats more than people I pay 75$ a YEAR its the best plan I found so far But a typical well loaded plan can run you about 25 a month
Internet/cable 25 a month depends your internet speed needs. Comes with good amout of channels that I never watch
Electricity is about 0.28 a kw If you live like me your bill is about 13 a month
Water Here you pay per cubic meter but the more you use the higher the cost per cubic meter. I use about 10 cubic meter a month so I pay 2.89 a month.
Drinking water this might be a surprise to most people, no I don't dig a hole and drink water from it, nor do I live off coconut water I buy bottle water the big ones the 19liter ones They go for 2.20 each and since I avoid seeing people as much as possible I buy 10 at a time
Another option buy land and live off of it 1.7acres can go for about 2500$
Hope this helps
My reply was my journey to bitcoin only living I live 100% off of lighting
As for paycheck to paycheck there is always a way to save example here in ES people drink a lot of soda, well water is healthier and you can save in sats there really is no excuse. My people have a spending problem not a saving problem.
To live on the bitcoin standard like @darthcoin and I you need to be way more responsible with your finances. it is achievable even for a Salvadorian, I am living proof. Bankless and proud
Plz stop feeding Fiat
Im Salvadorian class of 21 let me explaine how we make this work and I love the numbers you use because thats exactly my numbers. so we have an app called chivo where we have bitcoin and Chivo dollars so since I am not an idiot I keep my rent electricity food and so on in Chivo dollars I always charge my self more so say electricity was 13 this month I charge me 20 and put 7 in btc water 3 I charge me 7 put 4 in btc once you do this long enough and stack enough you don't mind the volatility this is how I manage originaly. The way I do it now is I get paid In fiat convert on the spot to btc pay my bills as fast as I can and enjoy the ride,You forgot one thing bitcoin is a savings technology only when you master it and been in it long enough and stacked enough you then graduate to spend it. Btw what happens to the Salvadorian when he stacks and it goes up 20%?
No kyc needed from the goverments end the very few buisnesses are doing this on their own
I don't go out often but I will start recording this will help me on my false advertising suing spree 😂
You can send her a word in English or Spanish she is perfectly bilingual
Fucking Amazing brother im on the same journey I Lost 50 lbs thanks to bitcoin, dont give up
Bullshit free Greatest bitcoin only company thanks to them many Canadians are able to sell their homes for bitcoin And convert all their wealth to escape to El Salvador thank you Francis
Installing solar panels in my citadel to mine carbon credits