Im Salvadorian class of 21 let me explaine how we make this work and I love the numbers you use because thats exactly my numbers. so we have an app called chivo where we have bitcoin and Chivo dollars so since I am not an idiot I keep my rent electricity food and so on in Chivo dollars I always charge my self more so say electricity was 13 this month I charge me 20 and put 7 in btc water 3 I charge me 7 put 4 in btc once you do this long enough and stack enough you don't mind the volatility this is how I manage originaly. The way I do it now is I get paid In fiat convert on the spot to btc pay my bills as fast as I can and enjoy the ride,You forgot one thing bitcoin is a savings technology only when you master it and been in it long enough and stacked enough you then graduate to spend it. Btw what happens to the Salvadorian when he stacks and it goes up 20%?
Good for you! But you use dollars, which makes you a fiat maxi ;)
To stack sats you need to have money left after your bills have been paid. Glad to hear you are able to do that. When it goes up your stacking will be rewarded. But some people live paycheck to paycheck and they won't; they're stuck in the slavery cycle.
I earn in bitcoin. I spend in bitcoin. I hold in bitcoin. I do not have anymore fiat and bank accounts.
If you want to be like me, you can IF YOU REALLY WANT IT. Otherwise... HFSP.
My reply was my journey to bitcoin only living I live 100% off of lighting
As for paycheck to paycheck there is always a way to save example here in ES people drink a lot of soda, well water is healthier and you can save in sats there really is no excuse. My people have a spending problem not a saving problem.
To live on the bitcoin standard like @darthcoin and I you need to be way more responsible with your finances. it is achievable even for a Salvadorian, I am living proof. Bankless and proud
Plz stop feeding Fiat