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What is ttp? I use whirlpool through Sparrow and did not realize some think it's "trash". Got any links so I can learn more?
Probably Bitcoin Audible, I did really enjoy Bitcoin Review CTV discussion from the other day.
Windows: brave browser Steam
Ubuntu: Sparrow Brave Keepass Ssh
I don't care about AI. I don't need this shit on embassyOS. What I want is a compatible version of Robosats in the start9 service repository so I can accumulate non-kyc. I guess it's time to learn how to sideload a service.
Really enjoyed everything, everywhere, all at once. Was happy to see it win BP at the oscars.
I think i found one of those extremist you were talking about.
Is this the same as backing up xpubs? Or do you need the derivation path separately stored?
Is specter still preferred over Sparrow for multisig? I'm familiar with Sparrow, but haven't used spector yet.
I don't go around proselytizing bitcoin, but if someone brings up crypto or inflation, I'll opine. I don't ever suggest that they should buy bitcoin, but I'll say it's part of my savings. Normally I encourage them to look into it, and if they seem interested I give them some pointers on where to start.
Bullet train. It was worth it to see in theaters.
That you don't have to buy a whole coin. I encountered someone recently who thought you had to buy a whole coin. He's been interested in bitcoin for awhile, but hasn't done any research into it.