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I meant can pruned nodes enable this properties without issue?
Or is it for full node runners only.
Companies. Rogue colleague cannot run off with the piggy bank.
It's non profit, and recently got a grant from OpenSats.
It has pretty deep Bitcoin roots.
In 10 years time, you unearth your old Bitkey setup.
Bitkey went bust after 2 years of operation. The Bitkey app is no longer compatible with current phones. You might have your keys, but you do you have a way to access them ?
Not what I am saying.
He screams 'buy bitcoin'. But is not encouraging the mainstream to take custody.
Fucker doesn't preach about self custody. He is only half pilled.
Fiat exists, but private enterprise have engaged in alternative payment methodologies.
Firms from developing nations compete on the digital economy along side western firms by offering significant discounts for Bitcoin transactions.
Do you think Satoshi rolled his own dice? His funds still seem pretty locked.