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I highly recommend this book.
Each chapter ia a different concept of time.
Its a link to comment citing that there are ~5x the number of zombie channels as there are active channels.
Moon Shot Monday
One could also argue that as the fiat price increases, LN will become over provisioned. I think we will see the network ossify as NGU.
May I ask what was your typical style of consumption? (Match/lighter/torch/hemp wick) (Joint,blunt,bowl,bong,dabs,vape,edible,etc)
How would you say you used it? (stress relief, pain relief, etc.)
What's your number one reason for quitting? Or what was your 'a-ha' moment?
There/their: the IRS thinks your money is theIRS.
My alarm songs over the years. Youll probably like #2 & #4.
It needs some love.
What makes you say that?
Out of curiosity, what have you been wrong about? (bitcoin specific lol)
They'll pay you to use their service lol.