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Alabama and Mississippi are reversed on the US map there.
Looks like it's got a bridge for BTC, so I assume they will.
I don't think it should, you're just making an update to @k00b's database
If you buy a share of coinbase you're exposed to coinbase's business rather than just bitcoin.
Until we have validity rollups I think we'll see an increasing number of new users choosing to keep their coins in custodial services (and not even good ones, probably just Coinbase, etc).
All of this requires liquidity management and thus on-chain fees.
We need a proper L2 that:
a) a user can onboard to directly without needing to manage liquidity. b) a user can confidently hold their bitcoin on long term, with the keys in cold storage.
Lightning is not that and never will be. The lightning experiment ran it's course, we all know its strengths and weaknesses at this point. It's time to experiment with something else (Ark, validity rollups, etc).
No, that would not be reasonable. How would that work in a bitcoin circular economy? I just collect my wages for twelve months before deciding to spend them via lightning?
Rollups are what they sound like, a way to "roll up" transactions and post them as one transaction to the main chain. They get us lower fees in a more trustless and less complex way than lightning (no need for liquidity or channel management).
Why hasn't anyone added such encumbrances on Ethereum? I don't think this is actually a big threat.
We need covenants for non-custodial, non-interactive L2s.
Not without inbound liquidity. With Liquid you can just receive some btc to your liquid wallet and you're good to go. With lightning you need channels with inbound liquidity.
We desperately need CTV merged in at this point so we can get real L2s. It's getting ridiculous.
You only know about Jesus because of the work of the Church over the past 2000 years.
Does anyone use impervious? I've downloaded and poked around a few times, didn't see a compelling reason to actually use it.