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Always remember there are (unfortunately) more stupid then smart people. Hopefully that trend will shift as time goes by and bitcoin permiates more and more. But until then, the majority will just do stupid things and will have to learn from their own stupidity. If they don't, then they're a lost cause. Unfortunate, but there's really nothing anyone can do about it. In other words, most people on the planet are just young children, still stumbling while trying to walk. There are not a lot of adults, and the ones that exist can only take care of a small minority of the kids. Take care of yourself, your family and friends. Close circles only. And don't put too much energy on those that really don't budge, or you will end up tired and angry at yourself for no good reason. The ones that actually follow your guidance will in turn help their circles. Slowly but surely, bitcoin will reach the outskirts.
You're giving people's actions far too much importance. People will be people and they'll do what they always do. Complaining about it, is complaining about human nature. All of it should be expected and more will come. Plus, most normies are just driven by fiat prices, so reminding them the potential big benefits of hopping on the bitcoin train is a great hook to fish them in. Any and all publicity is good for bitcoin. Bitcoin is anti-fragile, nothing can hurt it if you time preference is low enough.
Stack sats and you'll be happy.