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  1. Property management built on Bitcoin
    • @thecommoner nudges tenants to pay rent in Bitcoin by splitting the exchange rate appreciation at a future date. They wrote about this previously and are thinking about scaling it up.
    • 5.3k sats \ 35 comments \ @thecommoner
  2. Launched: BitEscrow - Non-Custodial Bitcoin Escrow Service
  3. El Salvador has its own mempool.space site with its treasury holdings
  4. All you need to know about Silent Payments in one site | silentpayments.xyz
  5. P2P trading etiquette
    • @leo shares tips on how to find, and be, a good peer-to-peer bitcoin trading partner, then asks stackers to share their tips.
    • 3.7k sats \ 32 comments \ @leo
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I want to shout out @TNStacker, who routinely zaps out quite a bit more than he gets back.
Not all heroes wear capes, but I see you.
Thanks! 💪🏾
I like writing as proof of work too much. It's the best article about writing. Anyone who is new and want to learn about writing, this article can give you all purpose and great meaning of writing.
I am in love with these newsletters. First by siggy and now you. They are like a weekly magazine Even my post features in it. Thanks @k00b
I see many new Stackers this time on this newsletter this time. Am I right?
That's very good as we get lot of new perspectives and learn different aspects.
Yes fewer common nyms in the top stories this week.
Thanks for mention me! :)