askers vs guessers is very interesting. I've never seen this concept formalized before
Yes, very good to know that this concept exists. @nout explained it well to me in terms of European culture (ask) vs American culture (guess)
I am definitely an asker born into an (imo) extreme guess culture since my parents are from Asia. I think that's why I became an asker.
I just hope me and @k00b never collide (at least not too much) because of this :)
I think it's just a balance of thinking enough beforehand what is reasonable to ask ("to guess") and being straightforward ("to ask").
/me wonders what this is though?
me wonders too
I wouldn't classify you as an asker. The type of askers that I collide with do so to conserve their energy at the expense of everyone else. Your kind of asking is mostly curiosity.
In the end it's hard to find a single word for the whole culture of communication, so I wouldn't over index on the name. It's a good idea to first think "I wonder if he said that because of his background and culture" instead of "what an asshole". Sometimes it's the former sometimes it's the latter.