Hehe. Is it true the first one he bought she used for telling the weather? …. Was always winter untill they realised it was a snow globe.
Imagine the discussion... around that snow ball Wife: honey, don't go to the PubKey, it will snow all day. Look at what is saying this crystal ball. Siggy: Oh yeah? But I have to meet the crazy bitcoiners at the pub....
He's slamming the door going out to the pub and thinking: damn it I need to change that stupid ball. Next day came home with a new ball.
Siggy: honey, here is a new shiny ball for you. Wife: oh so lovely! But how this ball will tell me how will be the weather tomorrow? Siggy: No, this one will tell you when the FED will die, it will predict the Bitcoin future and not that stupid weather. I am tired of snowing all days.
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 PS. - @siggy47 please don't be mad of me, is just a joke.
I was hoping to start a career as a psychic but gave it up…. couldn’t see any future in it.
I love it. I needed the entertainment while waiting at my Dr office.