So, this happened:

Saifedean A. and Bukele's meeting 01

Saifedean A. and Bukele's meeting 02

What did the author of the seminal "The Bitcoin Standard" and the President of El Salvador talked about?

The microphones are yours to speculate, Stakers:


Nayib Bukele: Greetings, good sir! Pray tell, what dost thou think of the current state of our noble nation?

Saifedean Ammous: Greetings, good sir. 'Tis an honor to be in thy presence. I thank thee for thy gracious words, noble President Bukele. Verily, I perceive great potential in El Salvador's adoption of the coin of Bit for tender legal. 'Tis a bold move, indeed. How doth thy people embrace this path?

Nayib Bukele: our people, with fervor unmatched, doth embrace this novel endeavor. 'Tis a testament to the resilience and adaptability of our nation.

Saifedean Ammous: Thy courage, President Bukele, shines as a beacon of hope amidst a world entangled in the web of inflation and hypocrisy. I trust that El Salvador, under thy leadership, shall navigate these uncharted waters with wisdom and fortitude.

Nayib Bukele: I humbly accept thy kind words, good sir. The irony runs deep indeed. Those whom doth support a leader's war cries to inflate approval ratings, while the very fabric of their economy trembles. Their horse feed prices soar, the flames of inflation scorching the livelihoods of millions. 'Tis a sight to behold, the true face of hypocrisy.

Saifedean Ammous: Thy words ring true, noble President. Hypocrisy lurks in the shadows of power, yet thy steadfast resolve shines a light upon the path of righteousness. As the winds of change blow, thy own Keiser lends his support to thy cause, recognizing the wisdom in thy vision.

Nayib Bukele: Aye, the support of the Keiser, a voice of reason and foresight, bolsters our spirits. Together, we shall forge ahead, rewriting the narrative of financial empowerment. El Salvador shall stand as a testament to the potential unleashed when innovation and wisdom intertwine.

Thus, the conversation betwixt Nayib Bukele and Saifedean Ammous

PS I really need to stop procrastinating on working on my thesis.

That was fire, bro. Chappeau.

Picture 1: Saife: Here is a cooking book, the recipes from my grandma. This is how you cook this place to be. TOTALLY FREE. Nayib: Thank you, I will read it in my next mandate. Will see what we can do.

Picture 2: Saife: You must do what it says in that book, there is no other way. Nayib: Please, just let me one more mandate... I need to stack more sats and start those volcano mining rigs. Saife: Sure, but after that... no more bullshit government, just Bitcoin.

LOL @ "no more bullshit government, just Bitcoin."

"Isn't Peter McCormack a douchebag, Nayib?"


"He is. His football team's logo is fire, though"

I know not what they said, Their body language won't leave my head. What before that did Bukele say, To make Saifedean lean away?

Yeah interesting body language

In order for bitcoin to succeed long term it needs to win the hearts and minds of the farmers and so on. I dont think they are much impressed with the bitcoin atire. Its too hipster? For example max kaiser in the background with orange shoes and a plain white suit. Its too hippie and too hipster. If you want people to adopt Bitcoin and convert their precious time into it as a form of money, this is not the way. But who knows.

Bitcoin sells itself IMHO.

Nayib tried to explain to Saif that pupusas are the world's greatest food. However, Saif is too stubborn and is sticking to his steak-only diet.

Nayib then tried to pupusa-pill him by explaining you can put steak into a pupusa 💡 Saif agreed to think about this insight, but makes no promises.

The seeds of future Twitter/Nostr wars were planted in that meeting.


Funny, but you'd better follow Dr. Manhattan's example:

Dr. Manhattan moved on to arepas