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ETFs are just... Easier means of confiscation. Nothing more.
They will encourage everyone to use them as a superior investment. They will inflate Bitcoin's price to drive people to these crappy-crash products. They will scare everyone into thinking self-custody is for criminals. However when this debt ponzi rolls over, and it will... they will rug-pull everyone so hard. Every ETF, every stock, every house with mortgage debt will be owned by the State. If you ever get "paid out", it will be in ever more shitty CBDC currency, with conditions attached to it.
It's all written in these SN posts of The Great Taking:
The biggest risk that many males think will never happen is conscription.
Do you really think when that is announced, you will have time to get your sh*t in order and leave? If this happened in the West, it would come at a time during significant stress on systems and society. Planes would be out of the question. Just have a Plan B, if you don't have have an unlimited affiliation to your country.
Careful what we wish for. They now have the excuse to drain the punch bowl. And will use it.
Inside the film, the editor (perhaps at his request) included Bitcoin logos and coin representations in the video. Mentioned real hard assets outside of the system. But I agree with your point 😀
Something tells me he already has.
If you're looking for assets outside of the system, it's one of a handful of solutions. He moved to Sweden many years ago and sought physical gold, but there's no way someone who has done that level of research is simply on zero.
20 minutes in, he talks about the juicy stuff. For those that don't have an hour or more to play with
Safe to say that anyone publicly facing, Santa Klaus included, is not worthy of attention. The real psychopaths pulling the strings would not dare show their faces. Preferring the cover of darkness & ignorance. They know this will blow-up in their faces. Their strength until now has come from the belief and myth that the WEF influence extends far and wide across the globe. There will be a strong reaction against it. Perhaps it's already started. Perhaps this is what they desire.
History will name and shame them. Just a question of time.
Solid argument.
Perhaps this week we're about to see more internet outages, the demise of financial markets and massive movements in the Middle East. Read that Iran's main hosting/CDN provider ArvanCloud had been affected yesterday.
I'm sorry nemo cat. Too many questions to chase for one tail.
The biggest question I have is, why now?
Why 2023, when AI is extremely prevalent and capable? When these videos and assets are dated from many years prior? Why now when U.S. would arguably want to demonstrate they have more powerful technology than perhaps they do (as a deterrent)? Why only this leak, and not other military operations/technology/showcases/atrocities? Why have they not already discredited or removed these videos? Why would they not want this to remain secret?
Agree with this premise. Mostly because Lyn says so 😄
1970s also had relatively low levels of debt and great demographics, which is completely inverse to today.
We may be even earlier than the 1940s comparison however. We've yet to see a proper Depressionary bust, or arguably worldwide conflict really get going. Both symptomatic of 1930s. Was 2008 comparable to 1929? I'm not convinced. Don't have the links handy, but these are pulled from some research into the reserve-currency holder at the time:
  • For most of the 1920s decade, U.K. unemployment hovered between 10% and 12%. By the start of 1933 unemployment in Britain was 22.8%. (As of Oct-2023, in the U.S. it's laughably reported at a low figure of 3.9% suggesting space to upside).
  • Unemployment fell substantially in 1933, 1934, and 1935. By January 1936 it stood at 13.9%. By 1938 it was around 10%. There is also the likelihood, the unemployment figures, masked the true scale of unemployment. Some estimates put unemployment rates higher during that time.
  • More accommodative monetary policy (after abandoning gold standard) enabled an increase in the money supply of 34% between 1932 and 1936.
  • In the late 1930s, a gradual re-armament programme began with a belated fiscal stimulus. This provided an additional boost to demand and economic growth. But, it was only the onset of full-scale war in 1939, that saw a return to full employment.
  • In the mid and late 1920s, it was fashionable for women to look boyish. However, in the 1930s women’s dress became more conservative. (This shift hasn't happened yet either).
In the 30s is when regional civil wars were happening, lack of available credit, discontent on the rise, as was alcoholism (like we're seeing with drug usage), unemployment offset by wartime industries. We haven't witnessed all those trends play-out yet, so perhaps even 1940s is a bit early.
Hasn't anyone heard of fake ID? 🤣 Adolescence for many of us was unlocked with one of these.
Sats per byte & Mempool size would be killer additions
Nicely done. Any chance of worldwide shipping anytime soon?
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Makes sense. Just teasing. Great to have you here!
Great stuff. So when you deleting your reddit account? 🤣
Matter of when, not if. Start planning and scouting now, if this concerns you.