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Im Japanese so have a Japanese mom, naturally, and well yes these statements are all true 😅🤣
For me its helped to find a balanced ratio of healthy : unhealthy. For me i enjoy how i feel performance wise both athletically and day to day making healthy choices so my ratio tends to be 90,95% healthy to 5, 10% unhealthy. This way even on my unhealthy days whether it be a cheat meal or a sugary snack, my body is able to handle it and bounce back quicker from those unhealthy choices bc the majority of the time im making healthy choices that my body and mind appreciate, but i also can indulge in that yummy cookie once in a while without feeling guilty or regretful. For others the ratio may be different 80:20 , 60:40 , maybe its 40:60, but i think its worth playing around with that ratio to find what works for you!
-Rereading Broken Money by lyn alden
  • Anthem by Ayn Rand
  • Maus by Art Spieglman
Black with a bit of ghee, 100% chocolate, and a few shakes of cinnamon ☕️
Going down the low carb, high fat rabbit hole, learning about the particular diet (well known as keto diet), and implementing it into my own life. Oh and upping my intake of quality salt.
Started reading The Salt Fix by James DiNicolantonio 🧂
Playing sports, specifically for me football (soccer), has pretty much been at the core of my life learning. I've played for over 20 years now and it's taught me everything from the obvious things that tie into athletic performance, to people skills, to overall health improvement methods, and all things in between. Playing for so long has also allowed me to travel around the world, and meet people and make connections from everywhere. For me it's also a space where you learn life is all about failing and making mistakes, learning from them, growing, and then repeating the cycle again. I would not have become a Bitcoiner if I didn't play football with the passion I have for the game. Playing football has made me the man I am and has been why having a low time preference made immediate sense to me when I read the Bitcoin Standard.
Only time will tell, but I'm quite bullish on nostr. We're still so early.
One Ok Rock
Hard to recommend just one song so I would say check out their most recent album, Luxury Disease.
Boredom isn't necessarily a bad thing. For me at least, whenever I'm bored I use that boredom to inspire some creativity and imagination. Honestly, I feel nowadays we're not bored enough since we have endless access to stimulation. And then when we are bored we don't know what to do with it. I'm definitely still working on utilizing my bored time better, still prone to filling that time up with meaningless consumption of social media or Netflix or what have you.
In terms of feeling empty, again this is just based off personal experience, but my void gets filled when I work on the things I love most like becoming a better footballer and doing things of value in the meatspace. And living to provide value and spread love.
Just my two sats though!
What a coincidence, actually just watched Big Lebowski for the first time yesterday! It was quite different from the comedy movies I'm used to but in a good way! I thoroughly enjoyed it!
Suzume by Makoto Shinkai
Highly recommend his movies especially if you're tired of Hollywood films!