It's the 20s of this century. The most important decade of humanity.
We're on the verge of reaching the singularity. Talking to a machine that is almost all-knowing. Reaching room temperature superconductors - or maybe not. Many new technologies that are about to change how we economics, how we communicate, how we entertain, how we enjoy, how we eat, how we healthcare.
What are you working on? What will you tell your grandchildren about the most important decade of humanity (yet)? When you sit on the veranda in a rocking chair with a long-ass pipe and loose the red thread every 5 minutes. Will there be a story to tell?
And yet it feels so empty. When there is world changing news all I can think is "Okay, we can do that now. Cool." When a new technology changes my whole life forever it's just "I guess 🤷‍♀️".
I'm bored. Is this all there is? I'm bored.
I love that you sense huge things are in the making now. I've thought a time or two how amazing it is that I've been lucky enough to be alive and see the onset of the internet, and then Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency overall. I rank Satoshi up there with Isaac Newton and Adam Smith in terms of world-changing ideas.
about to change how we economics
Not sure I agree on this part. I think I get what you're alluding to...I think you mean that we will eventually move away from centralized banking, federal reserves, and such and move toward decentralized, self-custodial, individual "financing". Governments won't like this, but it will happen. As far as economics, economics doesn't change. Economics is people making decisions and using resources to better their lives. We're just blessed to live in a time when we have amazing new tools to help us do this.
Too early to explore the stars, Too late to explore the earth.
Try to make something with all this tech, take some risks.
You will regret not doing, more than you'll regret failing, speaking from personal experience.
Make your own story.
Being bored sounds like a problem specific to you that starts with you asking yourself what makes you happy
100%. That's exactly it. Just wanted to see if there are people who feel the same about all of this
Ending the fiat war machine is pretty interesting to me
I get what you are saying, but just a few thoughts.

Talking to a machine that is almost all-knowing.
ChatGPT isn't all that smart and I would bet everything I own (including all my coins) that it never results in a singularity.
Also, being bored is a problem you create. Find something exciting for you to work on. Make your own life not boring. Who care's what the rest of the people are doing?
Boredom isn't necessarily a bad thing. For me at least, whenever I'm bored I use that boredom to inspire some creativity and imagination. Honestly, I feel nowadays we're not bored enough since we have endless access to stimulation. And then when we are bored we don't know what to do with it. I'm definitely still working on utilizing my bored time better, still prone to filling that time up with meaningless consumption of social media or Netflix or what have you.
In terms of feeling empty, again this is just based off personal experience, but my void gets filled when I work on the things I love most like becoming a better footballer and doing things of value in the meatspace. And living to provide value and spread love.
Just my two sats though!
This reminds me of a conversation I had with my dad once and he made a point that I think relates to this. That we are spoiled by quick technological change, and have been for a long time. It's just a thing we expect now when for most of human history things were done the same way generation after generation after generation.
On one hand, I kinda wish I was alive when man walked on the moon, it was such an incredible time, because also at the same time TVs were a newish thing.
Imagine being able to see for the first time something happening on the moon while you're inside your living room!.
Nowadays, people kinda have this feeling of expecting way too much and being frustrated when things don't work amazingly instantaneously.
Attention span is incredibly low, probably at the lowest times, ever. Very few people actually can keep their attention for more than a few seconds.
On the other hand, we're living in the future. Technical advances have been incredible, and you can do pretty much anything you want to. You can cooperate with people all around the world, instantly. It's like magic.
The Boring 20's, homie.
First they ignore you Then they laugh at you Then they fight you - and you are cured from boredom..?