From everything I've seen and heard in the past 10 or so years, universities have gone downhill dramatically. Almost all of them are woke, anti-male, climate crisis pushers. And that's on top of the covid insanity that they espoused, and vaccine mandates.
But the current culture is still very much set up to push competent students into university. In your average high school, it's ALL about going to university.
What are some options and ideas, for alternatives? I'll start.
So many good comments in this thread. There is no need to go in to debt for a bachelor degree now that anyone can go to and get it for free. It has the benefit of reduced on campus time to minimize the socialistic influence during your education.
Universities suck. it's a fact. My options for you:
A) Look for homeschooling communities in your area, or if you travel, wherever you will travel too...
B) Have them / or be involved in business as early as you can
C) There's also some great online educational tools, I encourage the use of ai as a PA but important to verify everything it writes or do.
D) Lots of practical activities and sport on a weekly basis.
The most important from my perspective is to put in place a learning system, more than following an existing one (ie, unis and public schools)
Some people start up small family-run businesses too
I think there's still tremendous value in a university education, but no longer think you can get the value of that education by default -- you'd have to know how best to benefit from it, and if you have to do a bunch of work in order to get value, you can do a bunch of work and save yourself $100k or whatever. So:
  • Find an existing business and buy it (there's a website where small business owners are selling their businesses). What you learn from running it (and probably running it into the ground, failing, as per @k00b's recent post) will be priceless and you'll never forget it.
  • Learn to code and make a bunch of projects that do shit that you care about. It doesn't even matter what it is so long as it's a thing you care about and want to exist. Work in public, on github.
  • Write a blog summarizing the stuff you're learning as you make these projects. Work hard on writing clearly and getting better at writing. Have somebody you trust, and who you think is a good writer, give comments on how you can be better.
  • Pick some of the classics, fiction and non-fiction. Read them. Think about them. See what other people have said about them over time. Blog about this stuff, too.
Basically, anything that has you a) building stuff, and b) writing, will put you ahead of most of the people who stumble through university doing all the default things; and will cost you essentially zero, unless you do something special, like buying a business.
Hyper focused self education on the internet.
If your mind is committed to learning then you can find the info you need for free
Playing sports, specifically for me football (soccer), has pretty much been at the core of my life learning. I've played for over 20 years now and it's taught me everything from the obvious things that tie into athletic performance, to people skills, to overall health improvement methods, and all things in between. Playing for so long has also allowed me to travel around the world, and meet people and make connections from everywhere. For me it's also a space where you learn life is all about failing and making mistakes, learning from them, growing, and then repeating the cycle again. I would not have become a Bitcoiner if I didn't play football with the passion I have for the game. Playing football has made me the man I am and has been why having a low time preference made immediate sense to me when I read the Bitcoin Standard.
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Getting out of your comfort zone is usually a great way to become better.
Traveling to another city or country has, in my view, a huge return of investment in terms of personal growth.
Also, remember that uni is much more than just knowledge transfer. You can actually learn most things for free these days. Going to university connects you with like minded people, and these connections can be incredibly powerful to your personal and professional growth. Many companies were founded by people who met at uni.
Books. Wherever you can find them, physical or online, they were written to share the knowledge. Use it and read them. I know its a very strange proposition but it works :-)