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Today's Bitcoin price on CoinMarketCap is up to $31k plus. Keep rising for the bull run
Bitnob Virtual Dollar Card is back! You can now create, fund, and spend. If you had above $5 on your old card, we have re-issued new cards to you and you can continue shopping from your favourite online stores and pay for your subscriptions. If you had less than $5 on your old card, we have terminated your card, and your balance is in your USD wallet. For a seamless experience, please make sure that your card is adequately funded for all transactions. If your card declines 3 times due to insufficient funds, we will charge a $1 fee.
Celebrating "World Refugees Day" to 20th June. Reminding them that there is hope away from home, with your Bitcoin you can cross any border with your assets
Just frustrated today, trying to sell Bitcoin on bitnob is a long process. 48 hours Just for verification? So infuriating? Any alternatives?
One of the most important principles in economics is OPPORTUNITY COST - every action has a cost because you could have done something else.
What is the opportunity cost of not having a Bitcoin    friends?
Top 5 Nodes in Africa with capacities and Channels respectively
1. NigeriaFreeRouting 2. Machankura-z 3. Be-kind_ZA 4. GhanaFreeRouting 5. Africa.brodie.rocks
  1. 270,833,121SATs 6% increase
  2. 184,249,619 SATs 1% increase
  3. 134,420,375 SATs -6,250,000% decrease
  4. 73,571,592 SATs -1% decrease
  5. 51,207,612 0% increase
  1. 61
  2. 38
  3. 56
  4. 33
  5. 20
Top 5 Nodes in Africa
1. NigeriaFreeRouting *Capacity: 270,833,121SATs 6% increase *Channels: 60
  1. Machankura-z *Capacity: 184,249,619 SATs 1% increase *Channels: 38
3. Be-kind_ZA *Capacity: 134,420,375 SATs -6,250,000% decrease *Channels: 56
  1. GhanaFreeRouting *Capacity: 73,571,592 SATs -1% decrease *Channels: 33
  2. Africa.brodie.rocks *Capacity: 51,207,612 0% increase *Channels: 20
Just read this "Growth in the African Bitcoin Ecosystem INFOGRAPHIC" as it was sent to my email. Thanks @African Bitcoiners.
Also on my "DAY 20: BITCOIN SECURITY" of learning Bitcoin @African Bitcoiners. Can't wait to get the knowledge along with my rewards. It's interesting!
These are not made up stats. Africa really needs Bitcoin. That's why some of us are doing our best individually (organizing picnics to discuss Bitcoin) or as a group (like AFRICAN BITCOINERS) to engage more Africans in this Ecosystem.
So yes! More Deployment of Bitcoin to Africa is a welcome approach.
Picture this: an infographic that encapsulates the vibrant Bitcoin landscape across Africa, showcasing the ingenuity, innovation, and boundless potential of our continent's thriving Bitcoin community.
Here are the latest stats for the Lightning Network in Africa:
Capacity: 432, 427,197 sats
Active Node: 26
Channel: 378
After several years of investigation, the SEC has thrown the kitchen sink at Binance and Coinbase with a litany of charges spanning all walks of US financial crime.
The two largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world are now under fire, not only for operating as unlicensed exchanges, broker-dealers, and clearing agencies, but for listing securities unregistered with the SEC as well.
Replace alcohol with water. Replace Netflix with podcasts. Replace overthinking with action. Replace influences with creators. Replace toxic friends with mentors. Replace complaining with gratitude. Replace wasting money with investing.
Replace Fiat with Bitcoin .
Finally got my cowboy hat yesterday, am really glad. Kindly share tips with me on how to maintain my cowboy's hat.
Want to know how I can donate some SATs too to stacker.news apart from posting. Someone or @K00b should aid me out. Procedure pls...
The joy of crossing any border with my assets(Bitcoin) with just my private keys or just memorizing my passphrase is amazing and can't be quantified. Sorry to government policies.
Today 1st June 2023, I Just want you all to join me here on stacker.news to celebrate my birthday with me but don't forget one thing keep stacking
Today 1st June 2023, I Just want you all to join me here on stacker.news to celebrate my birthday with me but don't forget one thing keep stacking
Working on how to sell some of my SATs to celebrate my birthday on 1st June, 2023.
Great to get your view it's really helpful, I really appreciate. Not alone in thinking about these thoughts.