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I’m glad my insights helped. It never hurts to question things, infact I think it’s vital. Just don’t fall into rabbit holes. The brain will find patterns along the way, make sure it finds the rights ones!
These so called leaps are attributed to something called the "technological singularity." Essentially, it means that as technology progresses, it enables further advancements at a quicker rate. Each technological breakthrough serves as a foundation for new developments, leading to a compounding effect where progress accelerates due to the tools, knowledge, and capabilities provided by existing technologies.
Due to advancements in microscopics, super cooling and information sharing Heike Kamerlingh Onnes discovered superconductivity when he observed mercury's electrical resistance drop to zero at temperatures near absolute zero.
There are people wayyyy smarter and with access to wayyy more resources than the ordinaries like you and I that are the single reason for these leaps.
Definitely hasn’t!
Flat earthers make me sad. Only for the reason that wayyyy back when, before we had the ability to go into space, see the earth shape or explore every other planet (also sphere) we can see or even understand gravity and why that would make the word round … before all that people had ideas, dreams, stories and myths. Lack of understanding made led to this.
Now when we discovered all these other things ourselves some people just can’t adapt enough to let old fallacies die. Much like religion/god.
So for that I feel sad that people can’t evolve - hey it happens - genes, mutations, intelligence (or lack off) all die off in evolution. It’s still sad tho. With the effort we have put into the world to raise education and make it better we are still stuck with people and ideologies that hold us back.
Imagine where we would be if we didn’t have hundreds of years of the dark ages stopping science and philosophical growth….
Actually you’re wrong. We have long intestines that are to break down hard grain and seed shells etc… same as apes and over plant eating animals.
Meat eating animals have smaller intestines.
Red meat actually sits in out guts longer than it should and studies prove it’s a contributor to heart disease, cancers and various other diseases
I also think the idea that vegetables are poison is ludicrous. I strapped my tinfoil hat on before reading these comments but this one blew my mind.
We have hundreds of studies that prove vegetables are the best way to live healthy and longer and meat that sits in our “long intestines” is a direct contributor to many diseases, inflammation and obesity.
Arnold swartzanager(can’t spell name) did a documentary on body builders who use plant based protein and the effects are better and longer lasting than those that eat meat - and also have to take supplements because meat isn’t enough (it is a secondary form of protein after all)
Not sure why this needs an alarm emoji or capitalised letters for attention.
That might go against laws of minors transferring money.
Wasn’t this posted before?
I think I’m done with Reddit style recycled karma farmer
I don’t think the word “zoo” or the animal pictures relate or translate very well into a Bitcoin advisory company.
Also, that logo is too messy.
This is purely off the top of my head but how about something like:
AdviBit Co
Slogan: the ABC of Bitcoin Business.
Or perhaps (just thought of this) BitBiz
It’s super late here and I’ve not been in marketing or branding for many years - feel free to discard
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