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I would argue that SN is not a social media. It's a social network. Let me think out loud here..
These definitions I'm using more and more to point out the diff between a social media and a social network. Social media = a consuming-first digital place with people Social network = a interaction-first digital place with people
It's one of the reasons why I don't use Primal in combination with other clients. If you're only using Primal it should be fine.
You can restore your contacts list here: https://metadata.nostr.com/
Testing / debugging it ;-)
I started to build virtual garages for cars back in 2012 with a platform called Carage. And in 2021 I started to work a clients project called Proudwheels with the same idea.
Back in the era with fora everyone was showing their cars and garages in their ‘Who is who’ topics. Nowawadays every petrolhead is creating a Instagram profile for showing off his wheels and garage…(which is a pity)
Gave DDEV some inspiration or new insights? This is really cool imo 😎🚀 I would to spin up a env now 😜
Docker with docker compose with self-build Docker images From time to time I look into the latest updates from https://ddev.com/ if there any neat features I can copy into my own stack ;-)
I agree on this with you Buildig zap-only or zap-first clients will increase the zaps and the adoption of the v4v model
This title is a really good company name imo!
Wonderfull article @davidw! I will take this with my when building stuff among the consultancy stuff I do. I guess the same applies to you? 🙏