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While discontinued, Eclair still holds the title for best lightning wallet in my book.
Pi5 is great. MiniPC is better for performance and upgradeability if you can afford it. Using Tailscale I'm able to connect to my node anywhere in the world. Much better than using Tor. You can also use PiHole for your local network for blocking adverts. Definitely worth it for PiHole alone honestly.
Put your coins into our single centralized hub. Boom. Done. That's Ark in a nutshell.
Bingo. Sad news is people like this are competing for sats that could instead go towards genuine development. Bull runs bring the scams and the noise that follows.
Guess we should ban all public areas then.
Edit: Sorry, didn't mean for the comment to come off a certain way or for it to be misunderstood. I have an aversion to letting lawyers, courts, insurance companies, etc. dictate access to public goods and services in favor isolationism. It's just an unfortunate reality.
A green walking, running and biking trail that goes through and around the entire city with parks and playgrounds sprinkled throughout.
Economic fallout from lack of newborns to pump their ponzi is only a problem in the fiat world.
Same goes for lightning addresses. These payment stop gaps that are often enough centralized or require additional clearnet servers need to go.
I really have to disagree. Fedimint is nothing more than a middleman selling rugs under the premise mentioned in your reply. They're a distraction. We can do better.
By not sending to the mint in the first place. Don't settle for Bitcoin derivatives.
A company's parasitic attempt at middle-manning what should be trustless, permissionless, borderless, etc.
It's a glorified SQL database that requires you to lock away BTC with no promise you'll get it back if the federation chooses not to like you. It's a walled garden similar to AOL where you're only allowed to engage and co-mingle with pre-approved participants.
Most people just don't understand how much more pleasant life is outside of a city. Much cheaper too. Overall, just a better quality of life. Maybe it's not for everyone, I get it, but if you are able to consider such a move (even temporarily to try) it's highly recommended.
Also, not all country sides or small towns are created equal. Do your research and I'm sure you'll enjoy what you find.
Fair-Weather Bitcoiners will realize the ETF's were overblown and disperse. Only to re-emerge before the halving, hyping themselves up for disappointment once again and dispersing. Only to re-emerge when number go up several months after the halving until the emergence of the next bear market where they'll claim Bitcoin was a failure after all and disperse once again. Only to re-emerge for the next hype cycle where they'll wake from their slumber and repeat it all again. So it goes...
If you have ever held fiat currency and just voted "No" you are deceiving yourself.
Just use Bolt 12. This solution is still centralized and has the potential to steal your funds.