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Thanks, I need to check that out. This type of stuff is interesting to me.
I told a young man about bitcoin a few years ago. He even acquired some. I tried to give him some. I asked him the other day. Hey, are you still stacking? Nah, I sold it. I asked him why. I needed the money. I mean, you can lead a horse to water but you can't orange pill him.
There's only so many times you can try to hand someone a life jacket before you just stop caring. Its there. If you don't want it, that's on you.
Crickets. We haven't hit ATH in US Dollars yet though.
I have hosted WP many times for myself and others.
Always seemed like a dumb idea for Apple to me. But, they do have a LOT of capital... I bet they could do it but there are so many other things that make more sense.
Pretty lame but if you don't use Wordpress.com or you self host WP this doesn't affect you. Correct? Do you know if they are gonna be selling the data of paying customers? There are many folks using it for free.
Looking forward to checking out @cypherspace CMS.
Put another way, what you describe is why some people are wealthy and successful and most are not.
High time preference. This has nothing to do with bitcoin. Bitcoin could just replace the fiat system. It won't magically make people stop being dumb.
In my view bitcoin is already a success in that it allows anyone to transact with anyone without a middle man. What you are describing is mass adoption so let me focus on that.
Like many questions about bitcoin we have already seen what happens. When bitcoin hits a new ATH many trade their precious bitcoin for crap. And each time this happens and bitcoin rises from the massive drop in market price again people kick themselves for their stupidity. What we are witnessing is people learning hard lessons. People talk a lot. I have no doubt that many will sell their bitcoin when it hits another ATH but there are many ways to exchange value for value. This does not mean selling it all for fiat. That said, some people will never learn. We can't help them.
Here's another funny thing about your scenario to think about. If we enter a world where governments and large companies have stronger hands than bitcoiners we are gonna be living in an upside down world. Many of us believe the governments and banks of the world are playing with fire. They are playing a game of musical chairs and when the music stops a massive amount of the world is going to be hurting overnight. This may not happen in the next 10 years or even the next 20 years but it will happen. And when it does the world will need a money that can't be centrally controlled by evil bankers. That to me is the end goal of bitcoin. To save us from the evil system.
Those that understand bitcoin's value will not sell it when it is valued at whatever. Those that understand the value of something are rewarded for their foresight. So yeah, I consider that a "success".
I could see it happening. Wouldn't bet sats on it but it isn't crazy. California's attempts to attack Uber / gig work have been pretty successful. It is utterly stupid but so are the masses. But, the food delivery companies were able to work around it by getting a proposition passed. Its all so dumb to me. The only force being exerted is from the state. But the companies are always the villains and people the helpless peasants. I don't think the average person has any clue of the collective power their free choices have and how weak their politicians are without this delusional belief in them.
It kinda blows my mind that in the age of social media and how quickly the crowd can turn on someone that people still don't get how market pressure works and that it is much faster than state action. The people have NO IDEA how much power they actually have with their purchasing choices.
Prediction. If they do this some Karen or Ken will want their congress person to ban it.