Born in Germany, now living in Andalucía/Spain. Spending some months in a little village at the south coast of Crete every year. Entrepreneur in media business and eCommerce. Trying to think geopolitics and financial markets together.
Here are some articles on SN:
  • EU: How War Bonds Could Be Used To Introduce Eurobonds: #437062
  • Postmodernism: The Secretly Loud Drift Towards Socialism: #424739
  • Forgotten Pearls: Max Stirner-The Unique And Its Property: #221693
  • The Impact Of Napoleonic Reforms On Feudal Germany: #219040
  • Hans-Hermann Hoppe: Libertarian Spirit For Bitcoiners: #218616
  • (Nearly) Forgotten Books: The Wealth Of Nations By Adam Smith: #215946
Find me on Nostr: npub1scljc42jwm576uufxwcwlmntqggy9utwz55a6a2hqjy9hpl7uxps4pzprv
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