Beloved Creator and Sustainer of all things, we praise You and thank You for granting us the gift of another day. As we awaken to the possibilities and challenges of this new day, we ask that Your presence will always be with us, guiding our thoughts, words and actions.
Lord, You called us to be the salt of the earth, as taught in Mark 9:50. Help us understand the deep meaning of this metaphor. May we be instruments of peace and kindness, preserving justice and spreading Your truth in our world. Give us the ability to positively influence those we meet today, reflecting Your light and love everywhere we go.
Grant us, O God, the grace to live in harmony with one another. May our interactions always be marked by respect, empathy and understanding. It teaches us to be patient and tolerant, especially with those who have different views than ours. It helps us build bridges of friendship and cooperation, overcoming the barriers that separate us.
We ask, Father, that you help us preserve our spiritual 'salinity'. May we not become insipid or irrelevant, but may we remain faithful to Your teachings and our mission of love and service. It strengthens our faith, renews our hope and fills our hearts with unconditional love.
May, throughout this day, we be salt and light to the world. May our lives inspire others to seek Your truth and experience Your goodness. May our actions be a living testimony of Your transforming love and Your infinite mercy.
In the name of the Love that unites us and calls us to communion, we pray.
Mark 9:50 says, "Salt is good, but if it has lost its flavor, how can you restore it? Have salt in yourselves and live at peace with one another." In this passage, Jesus uses the metaphor of salt to teach about the importance of positive influence and the preservation of faith and integrity. Salt, in addition to adding flavor, was used in ancient times as a preservative, preventing spoilage. Likewise, Jesus calls His followers to be a positive force in the world, preventing moral and spiritual corruption.
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