How many sats do you need to not be left behind?
I have seen some numbers on how many Satoshi’s per person. Some allowing for lost coins…
22,000 50,000 227,119
So for orange pilling with you need at least your minimum share of x sats and then start learning about it from there.
Look forward to your thoughts!
You 'need' as many as you can get. I understand it's attractive to set targets but the best strategy is to continually acquire and not focus too much on specific numbers.
However, if you like thought experiments, here's one. Let's say arbitrarily that approximately 4 million bitcoins have been irretrievably lost, and a projected world population of 9 billion people some time in the next 10-15 years, then there is on average 1,700,000 satoshis per person. I would suggest that people focus on getting their first 1,000,000 then beyond that simply keep on stacking.
Lol no number for me just gobble up as much as I can, the number is arbitrary just fun to collect more as I wait for it to monetise
According to this post: #51272
between 0.002625 and 0.00196875 would already be enough in a hyperbitcoinized world.
Will we need to break down a sat in the future ? 1 sat = 100 x
Would each sat become more like 1 dollar or 1 cent
I guess if it becomes like a dollar we would need to be able to break down a sat to a lower domination
I will not stop stacking until I reach 2,100,000,000,000,000 satoshis
More will get lost over time
& there will be many who never own bitcoin
Best to keep stacking IMO