If you click on the little i icon this is what it says which I think answers your question:
I see, so there's no way to be just publish to just a specific relay(as it's paid) and not public like the rest? like can you fix this option?
If set a nip-05 relay in your settings it doesn't work?
what am I missing? you'll grab my public keys(nip05) and take the list of relays i have on it now and publish it + the relays in the picture.
I'm asking you
If you go to settings and set your relay does it publish to all the defaults too?
This is ridiculous, I'm asking questions, and you're responding back with questions.
I asking you a simple question-can you get this to cross post to specific relays that are optional in SN settings for relays.
Because I do not want to publish to the default list.
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To be fair, it's normal procedure during bug reports to ask the user about the behavior they are seeing and what they want to see so we can confirm we understand your problem and can fix it.
A good bug report should include this:
  • Description with actual behavior
  • Steps to reproduce
  • Expected behavior
Since you used "fix" here, we assumed you are talking about a bug and not about a feature request. Sorry for that misunderstanding.
Regarding the request: This was discussed during implementation but we went with user relays adding to the defaults for now, not overriding them.
So the future is now!
:) :) I bet ~OpenAgents could potentially help with this issue?
Oh, I'm sorry. I assumed you were asking because something wasn't working and I was trying to figure out what wasn't working.
okay, so can you make this happen?
I imagine you can add a button or checkbox to disable default list and only to publish/cross post to specific relays within SN relay options.
I put up a github issue for it.