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  1. Bitcoin paradigm shift thought experiment
    • How might bitcoin best prepare itself for a money system handoff? What might cause bitcoin to be least prepared for such a handoff?
    • 11.7k sats \ 34 comments \ @elvismercury
  2. Nostr is Identity for the Internet
    • Portable, noob-friendly, censorship resistant, internet identities promise to free us from digital serfdom. Nostr gives us a glimpse of what that might look like.
    • 6.6k sats \ 50k boost \ 20 comments \ @MaxAWebster
  3. The Network Access Exception To The Money Transmitter Rule
    • The indictment of Samourai and the pretrial of Tornado Cash show the US government expanding the definition of money transmission. @siggy47 points to a statute that “network access services,” like lightning service providers, are safe from such redefinitions.
    • 12.6k sats \ 42 comments \ @siggy47
  4. Idea for future "Bitcoin businesses"
    • Helping local merchants accept bitcoin creates more economic bitcoin nodes. @DarthCoin expects this kind of missionary work to lead to profitable service businesses and names a few.
    • 3.6k sats \ 49 comments \ @DarthCoin
  5. 10 ways to support ZEUS in 2024
    • Zeus being an open source bitcoin and lightning wallet, built on open network, make it easy to support no matter your skillset.
    • 14.9k sats \ 27 comments \ @evankaloudis
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I liked how you described my post as part of a mini-crusade to get people to zap more. Considering that I slipped down the top spenders list, maybe my crusade is working.
Yeehaw. Another great week in the wild west.
I love this Saturday compilation. Owing to my busy schedule last week, I thought I missed many great articles, but as oon as I landed on SN today. I just saw this post and said 'Thank God'.
But I now relise, I must have said Thank @k00b
Yes, the top post of the week by @elvismercury is a rare product.
All other posts are also cool ....
Thanks for the newsletter...