It's not a link to another post; it's not a link to my podcast, it's not an article off-site, it's a note of writing, only for Stacker News readers, because I feel like it.
I do some kind of journaling, every day. Usually a fast, short story. I call that flash fiction. It clears my head. It keeps things light in there. It's a healthy activity. I get my social commentary out in my fiction. I'm terrible at ranting. I'm better with stories, illustrations, and metaphor. There are a lot of ways ideas become expressions.
Lately, I have tried a new writing-to-podcast production experiment. Rather than writing a story a day, I did it CEO-style and compartmentalized the physical actions. I wrote 5 stories, then recorded them, produced them... etc. That was interesting. There are things I like about it. Essentially, though, what I learned is that I hate the production process, regardless of how I organize it. I love writing, and I hate everything else.
Whatever happens, I'm committed too pounding and thrashing at my keyboard. That's just the thing that's going to happen. Putting it out in the world. Having it there. It's nothing I haven't done before. Once, I even had a blog that made a little income. It's so crazy. I don't think it had anything necessarily to do with the specific content, but more just the sheer volume of material I produce. At a certain point, it's going to be seen by someone.
Stacker is like a wall of people who are one another's search engine. I really like that. I just want to write into that and let it be what it is right here and now and it doesn't need to be anywhere else.
Ok. stack sats.
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It's a good thing you've found SN! Original writing gets a lot of love on this site. Personally, I'm stoked on it.
I do one of those here every week. There are a few others. The newest one was not very popular. They all have "[Writing] Only a Stacker News post." in the subject line. FYI. Thanks for reading!
So you found the essential writer problem!