Thanks Darth 👊 I am slowly making my way through a lot of your guides but there's so much information and so much content and it can be quite overwhelming at times.
Just going through the one about Zeus. A private node running straight off your phone, well that's certainly very very interesting. I'm not going to pretend to understand the difference between aezeed and bip39 seeds aside from what the guide says about date of creation. But that does add another layer of security having more information required in a seed.
As I always said to all noobs: do not waste your time with crap things. Start now learning more about Bitcoin. Later you will regret it or you will pay a higher price.
I wrote all those 70 guides for all like you, looking to learn. If more noobs will start reading them, their bitcoin life will be much easier.
It's definitely a lot of information to take on board but I really appreciate your resource. I tried to jump in with self custody straight after WoS. But ended up getting burned by having funds tied up in channel reserves before I really understood what was going on and how to work a self custody.