Knowing the efficiency of government bureaucrats, probably nothing for a few years. Eventually they would catch up with me or my descendants. I don't really mind giving them back their depreciating fiat.
I don't really mind giving them back their depreciating fiat.
Wrong. They don't give a shit about that meaningless amount of fiat you are giving away. They can print endless fiat, remember? Taxes are NOT to make them rich or build the roads, is about TO ENSLAVE YOU. Is about sending a message, is about showing them who is the sovereign one. They get away with this lie and theft because people are scared, lazy and think like that "ah it is what it is..." And this is how the putrid system is getting away, over and over enslaving more and more, because NOBODY SEEMS TO CARE...
That's true. They don't need my paper. They can make more. Family members need my support in this flawed system for now. In a few years I may be able to make some changes. George Carlin was a genius.
You will remember my words, when they will force you to use CBDC...
Compliance to a slavery system and complacency into keep using this system is what will put more and more chains on your slavery, until will be too late.
All this complacency leads to total tyranny. Like boiling frogs, slowly. And I wonder how you "helped your family" when in fact you pushed them into total tyranny.