May I ask what was your typical style of consumption? (Match/lighter/torch/hemp wick) (Joint,blunt,bowl,bong,dabs,vape,edible,etc)
How would you say you used it? (stress relief, pain relief, etc.)
What's your number one reason for quitting? Or what was your 'a-ha' moment?
I like to smoke flower. And I mix it with tobacco. So I am quitting tobacco as well. My partner likes spliffs. If I am on my own, I use a pipe or bong usually. In the past it helped me with sleep a lot. And it helped calm my mind so I could relax. But now I live a life that I am much more in alignment with, so I don't have those issues as much. Now I am living the dream and I want to be present for that. I have nothing to escape anymore.
I used a lighter.