Some guy made a package delivery to our house at 4:30 am. Scared the hell out of me. It was an Amazon sun contractor.
I will tell you a story, from few days ago, a friend of mine being scammed with package delivery...
So, this guy have a hotel and restaurant and he have a guy at the reception during the night hours. One day, at midnight, a call to the reception:
  • hello, I am a delivery guy from x company, I have a package for John Doe (my friend name). But the package is stuck at the customs because it require some additional fee to be paid. I have here with me John Doe that wants to speak with you.
So they put on the speaker a supposedly John Doe, with HIS VOICE (!!! yes is possible today to fake somebody else voice) saying:
  • take all the money from the cashier of the hotel and go to the near BTC ATM and deposit into this BTC address. The voice was so good replica that even his own daughter that was present, recognize it and also was giving specific quite private indications (name, locations etc) that make the daughter and the reception guy to believe is true.
So they want and deposit the cash into a BTC ATM sending the money to a BTC address. 5000 bucks. After that, the daughter (quite dumb imho) called her father (the real one) on the phone and when she said: ok I did the deposit, what now, her father was stunned about her idiocy of doing that, without consult him in any way.
So watch out for these kind of scams, are starting all over.
It was strange. I wake up early, so I was able to go out the door and talk to him just as he was pulling away. He says he likes to get an early start on deliveries. It looks legit. When my wife or daughter gets up I'll find out for sure. I rarely order stuff. It's always for them.
My wife has a Prime subscription, and when she ordered eclipse glasses two weeks ago, one of the delivery options (at no extra charge) was "overnight between 4-8 am."
Needless to say, she did not choose that one.
This makes me feel a little better. They actually might be eclipse glasses.
You should listen this episode... watch out