This person probably has many thousands of bitcoin offline anyway still. Selling this batch of 1,000 might have just been a way to get $68M for spending money for the rest of their lives/retirement.
Maybe. There ain't many folks with this kind of coin to throw around that are not MS. I suspect most of the early players have been identified or are public at this point.
1,000 coins was always quite a large slice to either mine OR buy IMHO.
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Totally, which is why this particular batch is so interesting. Why stop at moving precisely 1,000 of mined bitcoin unless it’s just a round chunk of a bigger set of holdings.
Jokes on everyone, Elon Musk has been mining bitcoin since 2010 and he moved it to an exchange so he could ape it into Dogecoin to drive it to $1 before dumping Doge back for 7,000 bitcoin.