hah, my brain is still wired in GPG/PGP thinking. Correct, I have a tendency to blurt "large primes! It's all primes!" in my sleep. And yes, that's some unoptimized quick hackery from chatgpt in python. Not usable but readable enough to make the point.
AI gen code sucks, you will notice it’s importing but not using the isprime, nextprime. We generally called that “Pollards Rho”, not “Rho”.
It’s hallucinating fragments contextually related from a cryptography library.
I would recommend not using chatgpt for code.
it is absolute garbage at writing code. I didn't even notice that excess import. It did at least correctly name the function pollards_rho :)
Yes :-) all good! Just wanted to mention ECC/DLP va RSA in terminology;
I see people confuse factoring primes (RSA) with ECDLP (ECC). Bitcoin doesn’t specifically have to worry about prime factoring! (It may however indicate further advances in number theory…)