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Welcome to this week’s issue of the Books And Articles newsletter. This week you might notice a few changes. The volume of good content is a little overwhelming, but my goal is to keep quality material visible and accessible for as long as possible. So, I plan on consolidating older content into separate posts that make sense thematically, then linking to those posts in each week’s newsletter. The goal would be a cleaner, more concise newsletter that will still allow quick access to older stuff.
Towards that end, I am temporarily removing discussion posts from "recommended older posts", with the objective of making that content part of a separate post. I’m toying with a “Best of 2023” type theme or something like “The Early Days.” As always I welcome suggestions.
Next, I am planning periodic (Perhaps Quarterly?) “best of” posts, maybe, or posts by subject matter, ie “essays”, “poetry”, “book reviews”. There’s no strict format. I’ll let the content guide me.
One more thing. To highlight quality content, I’m allowing myself the indulgence of picking out a few posts each week as “Siggy’s Suggestions”, for content that may have been overlooked, or may have not fit the mysterious zaprank algorithm enough to make the top five.
Well, that’s it. I hope everyone has a great week.

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The top post of the week will be forwarded 50% of the zaps earned on this week’s newsletter post. Rankings will be determined using the SN zaprank.
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Siggy’s Suggestions

@kr was on a roll this week. Warren Buffet is an interesting character, and his newsletter has its unique style. I really picked this one for me.
This was posted by a newcomer to the space. I found the topic intriguing, and I hope to see more posts from this account

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Inspired by Writing Contest #1, this is where stacker’s bitcoin origin stories will be posted for easy reference.

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None posted yet.

Past Newsletters

I've been meaning to write more reviews and recommendations. I'm stating that publicly as a commitment device. Expect a post about The Righteous Mind in the near future.
You also need to write that post about your profit-taking strategy. I wait until my neck has elongated lol 😂
Great! I know the feeling. I need constant cues and reminders.
Thanks for the mention, and the generous split. 🙏 @siggy47
You earned it.
Writing is as proof-of-work a task as any there is. It's also a very, if I may use the expression, manly profession (even when done by women). Although not everyone realizes it, writing is up there alongside "construction work" and "electrician"—it simply uses ideas to build neural connections and illuminate minds. 🔨 🧠 💡
Point is, I'm glad to see it encouraged here.
Wow. Very comprehensive.
This sounds like a lot of work. I hope you’re having fun. Pace yourself to prevent burnout.
Did you derive as much joy from organising contest #2 as organising the inaugural contest? Or am I asking you to compare apples with oranges? 😉
First one was more fun, and it got more participation. I'm going to spread them out a bit further to hopefully inspire more interest, and I want to pick good prompts.
This came to me when I was showering my daughter haha
Prompt: look at your first ever post on SN. What would you say to the you then?
I hope this prompt sounds like fun 🤩
It does! That's a good suggestion.
Thanks for the shout-out! Definitely planning to stick around here. Also appreciate the links to recommended older posts.
As ever, a great summing up. Haven’t been around much so good to have this as a rundown. Thank you!
Thanks. I hope all is well. I'm approaching SN overload again. Time for a break. Completely off topic- have you watched the old Hunchback Of Notre Dame with Charles Laughton and Maureen O'Hara? I'm sure you have, but I just saw it for the first time. It holds up pretty well for such an old movie.
Beautiful movie and looks amazing even today. I think they tried to colorise and rerelease it but I have only seen the B&W.
And I think the actor Peter Lorre, a very versatile actor in his day, was in the running to play the hunchback originally (but that may be a Hollywood tall tale).
And Laughton's makeup looks damn good for the time. I got completely engrossed in it immediately.
It really does. I think it comes from a theatrical tradition of make up defining the character rather than the later style of being just a prop (made worse by poor quality tv).
You should compare the film to the Claude Rains portrayal of Phantom of the Opera.
Another one I've never seen. Thanks for the recommendation.
I’m not saying it is as good. But cleanses the pallete of the Lloyd-Webber version at least…
I saw it on Broadway years ago. That's it. Never saw the Andrew Lloyd Webber version either. I'm more interested in the old one.
I'll say the same to you as I said to ElvisMercury: fantastic summary! During the week I don't have much time to read, and these summaries are ideal. If you didn't do them, I would have missed them. Thank you!
Thank you!