Yep. Kids with trust funds very often go off the tracks. It seems concerning, especially in the context that I hear a lot about from bitcoiners, which is creating "multi-generational wealth". What this seems to mean is...your kids are wealthy, without having to work for it. I don't think people have thought this through.
Why do these types of kids sometimes go off the tracks? Well, if everything you want is easily within reach, handed to you on a silver platter, you don't have to work for anything. Working for something makes the end result so much sweeter. Not having to work can mean not having a daily routine, maybe not getting out and about with people, not actually doing things that other people find productive (are willing to pay you for). No "proof of work".
The same factors apply to people who are unemployed (but getting supported via unemployment insurance, etc.) Being unemployed is a huge risk factor for all kinds of negative things - depression, self-esteem problems, health problems, etc.
And often the same thing applies to retired people. People who have worked all their lives, saved, and then retired with enough money to not work - these people can be unhappy, and feel at a loss for meaning. Not always, of course. But I've seen it quite a bit.
I visited a religious community once - Hutterite. It was a really interesting visit, and one thing they emphasized is WORK. They use a lot of machinery to do things, but they make sure that everyone has work to do. Sometimes this seems to take the form of cleaning things to excess, but anyway - they prioritize it. They've probably seen what happens when people have too much leisure, too much unstructured time.