Ideally, merchants, following the guidance of @Darthcoins, would utilize LNBits,
  1. is "DarthCoin", without "s". The darthcoin is only one and is only mine (it can't be given to somebody else), pure scarcity. And is made of a very rare material that exist only on Darth's planet, Mustafar.
  2. I am not paid or working for LNbits. I do not recommend to merchants to use ONLY LNbits. I wrote guides about LNbits because nobody did it and is open source.
  3. I only want more merchants to use Bitcoin. And I would like you to have success with your POS solution. More bitcoin merchants = better for Bitcoin.
I just wanted to express that the open-source variant and managing one's own node are undoubtedly optimal in an ideal world. Thank you for your kind words!
I thought you use Beskar. May the Force be with you.