In the spirit of meeting people where they are, I'm excited to share my orange pilling stack with SN!
There are a lot of people out there who believe they can advance their own life and those around them through gaining access to digital collectibles, which they can then sell for a profit. We've seen many groups organize under this premise compelling people to do silly behavior, such as posting themself taking a shower or eat pizza in a costume.
Innocent enough, but plainly stupid beyond engaging and sometimes enriching plebs who may have found bitcoin largely irrelevant or uninteresting prior to establishing their inscription collector identity. Bitcoin becoming relevant to more people and driving fees to miners can't be all bad, but surely we can design for more productive, bitcoin advancing behavior.
By stringing together tools with massive reach and tools created by bitcoiners who are building for global adoption, I'm already seeing some interesting results!
After you've inscribed some dank memes and created the x and dc for sharing them with the part of the world using those platforms, invite people into your discord and randomly fund/post lightsats tip links to offer 'degens' an opportunity to get more familiar with bitcoin. I did this with a couple hundred sats and sometimes a couple thousand sats on holidays while feeling extra charitable.
Once they've become experienced using peer2peer electronic cash, I would encourage them to now earn more sats by transcribing technical bitcoin talks! Many of these people are lost and desperate, simply chasing residual hype behind NFTs and learning on the fly, often getting rugged.
Over time, grinders on dc stopped asking for free hand outs and dm'ing me for community management jobs and started accounts on BTCTranscripts. Now, there is a whole crew on the pokesats dc who are earning sats by advancing their own bitcoin understanding, while simultaneously enhancing the availability of technical talks for the entire network.
Altogether, this seems like a fairly productive use of blockspace to me!
Oh yeah, and the actual proceeds from ordcity's no-reserve inscription auctions led to the seeding of Miami's Bitcoin Grove Project where the members continue closing the loop from inscription to transcription!
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I didn't post this to promote the idea behind digital collectibles, but instead to point to the current reality. To ignore truth in your quote would be effectively burying your head in the rhino shit.
Alas, if you aren't interested in orange pilling newcoiners by meeting them where they are and appealing to their interest, go ahead and stick to circle jerking in your echo chamber!
No matter how often you see it, it never gets old
Oh, is this common?
Please link me to any of the others who have done the same so we can share notes!
Sorry for the confusion. I just enjoy watching the Rhino shitting.
Sorry for the confusion I just enjoy watching the Rhino shitting
Lovely poem
tick tock next blop
I must have missed the shitcoin part! Shitcoins are altcoins other than btc, or something else?
not only does this not touch any other blockchains or fiat systems, this generates value for bitcoin development, miners, for the 'degens' who found it, and for Prof.ACK who paid it forward to his community. all from bitcoin only software and social media
ord haters need to get a grip!