Yes I test it. As I always do, I test almost all wallets and apps for Bitcoin. And always starting from the perspective of a regular user and then going deep on technical levels.
  1. For a quick LN node/ wallet, without hassle is a good option. Not even have to download an app. But this is ONLY if you want a disposable wallet ! Like one time use. Remember, using it just from - that means you are using THEIR server, that means, is not so different than a custodial wallet. Not your server = not your node...
  2. If you really want to use it as a full self-custodial node / wallet, then install from the github the LDK Mutiny node and then run on your OWN domain the mutiny wallet-web software on your own server. That is indeed a self custodial way to use Mutiny.
But both options are safe, if you ask for safety. they keys are on your device, not on their servers. But still on option 1, if the server is gone, domain is nuked / seized, you would have to do a lot of technical mumbo jumbos to recover your node and funds.
So always choose the option 2 if you really want to use it.
I plan on suggesting it to new people
NEVER EVER "suggest" to new people something that:
  • yourself doesn't understand it well or know how it works
  • is a beta software. test it for yourself and report bugs to devs but never recommend it for new people.
Please read more guides about private nodes here:
At this point, all roads lead to blixt in my opinion, based on my decent amount of experience using mobile lightning wallets.
There are many different levels (see the image above), for each "taste" and usage. As I explained in this old SN post: choosing the right wallet is not about "the best" but the "right" app for the right use, for the right level of knowledge. There's no "best wallet" in Bitcoin...
Good to have choices but its the leader of the pack imo both for beginner use and advanced use 🤙
In your opinion, what would make blixt better overall compared to, say, Phoenix or Zeus beta?
Users should forget about "which is the best" etc... Each wallet app will have its own level of use. For all tastes.
Blixt is already the apex, but users are not prepared for that level... Zeus is coming closer now with the embedded node and also is having a lot of good powerful features (see the image above). Phoenix will always be the middle solution, for people that do not want to do all complicated things and are willing to pay a bit more fees for convenience. It's perfectly fine. Green is coming fast into the same middle category.
Please study ALL wallet apps and you will see that I was right again... and again.
Looks like green is only available on ios at the momemt ?
I use only Android, so how do you think I install it?
Oh ya i mis spoke there. I meant to say i didnt see the version with lightning available for android. I did find it ( although cant get it to work with obtainium ) 🤙
Thank you