sir, did you finish reading ALL my guides?
Please try to pay this LN invoice and tell me if you can find the destination...
^ this. Lightning is the most effective mixer/anonymous layer on Bitcoin. When you need anonymity, it’s there, and it works pretty damn well these days. Sure, there are issues with edges knowing their points on the route, but it’s good enough to mitigate anything but a very expensive to concoct NSA surveillance node network (that would be frequently bypassed anyway).
Besides, it’s much easier for a government to just demand records from merchants and get shipping info to hunt you down in meatspace than to trace lightning. We’ve reached the point of evolution where the privacy failure exists outside the bitcoin payment ecosystem.
I tried, it expired :)
But point taken. I need to learn more about this aspect of LN. Well, I need to learn about all of it, but this in particular.
LOL after 4 h ?! hahaha, I never let my LN invoices to be valid after 1h. Read more here
Dude with wrapped invoices you are involving a LSP. That is a third party. Similar privacy as a banking app.
The whole point is that ideally no one else should know except the sender and receiver.