hey stackers, @niftynei here, head of instruction for Base58⛓️🔓
We’re working on getting our calendar of class offerings for next year ready and I just wanted to get a temperature check on what people want to know about bitcoin or lightning or ??? next year
What’s missing from your devucation?
  • online self paced options?
  • online cohort classes?
  • just good online manuals + books
  • in person experiences??
As a reminder, we’re an engineering school built on the bitcoin standard: our classes right now focus on hands on implementation work (mostly in python) for the bitcoin basics (transactions + crypto), lightning, and taproot.
classes that are on our radar to add:
  • wallets (descriptors/psbts/key mgmt/miniscript)
  • ordinals (taproot data, send ittt)
  • psbt mini course
  • how to nix
  • maybe a rust class if @niftynei ever gets her head wrapped around how it works
  • ????
PS: we’re hoping to transition to a nonprofit org for next year too, so keep an eye out for opportunities to help fund scholarships etc soon 🔜
PPS: we’ve got a discord too https://discord.gg/TaQWQ8rkGV
Online self-paced would be awesome, something like a frontendmasters except for btc stuff.
Ooh thanks. Love a good rec!
FEM has much to teach the industry, I think. No affiliation, but a happy subscriber. They've got it largely figured out.
what do you like about their model or way of teaching?
  • The focus on actually building something, obviously.
  • They are mindful of organizing the pieces of things that matter: courses are divided into meaningful chunks that assemble a coherent set of elements. This is the hardest thing to do well, in my opinion. (Would be interesting to hear your thoughts on what are meaningful chunks in the btc ecosystem -- transactions is one, clearly. What are others?)
  • Nice interaction elements to support realistic learning, e.g., at relevant points the window will show a badge linking to relevant things in the syllabus, annotating what the lecturer just said, providing context, etc.
Not classes, per se, but learning aids like...
  • Quizzes and knowledge assessments
  • Exercises to fix broken
  • Bitcoin and Lightning-themed trivia questions
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If I were to take a course it would probably be on running a routing LN node.
You and me both 😹
Self custody basics for newbies. Easy to digest.
Hmm have you seen the multisig video using sparrow i did with Area Bitcoin?
No, not yet. Is Social Multi Sig a widely-known concept, or is it a more recent innovation?
It's a Brazilianification of a term I like for mulitparty multisigs aka "collaborative multisig": where you and a group of people hold a set of keys.
If you're holding funds with friends or your family, it's 1000% the right way to help onboard more people, giving them some shared responsibility without full risk of funds lost if one party loses their keys.
I would be interested to explore more about how the advent of Generative AI would impact the further development of BTC and the Lightning Network, be it beneficial or detrimental
online cohort classes
These are the next best thing to in person and scale better than in person. Things that I like to see for these:
  • online forum with classmates for async comms
    • explicitly not a chat system which imo is semi-sync
  • once/twice per week sync video comms (broken into study groups)
  • weekly time commitment of max 8-16 hours
  • well developed quizzes and tests for student-evaluation (also allows the teacher to see how well they're teaching)

  • ????
Things that might be missing from the list:
  • app layer course
  • a crypto/foss law class
  • privacy focused course
  • cryptography focused course
  • cypherpunk philosophy course

hey stackers, @niftynei here
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