I can't think of worst common instinct for an individual to have from the perspective of a group.
I was so immersed that it hardly bothers me now, it's like a swarm of gnats -- you mostly aren't mad at the gnats. And in a way, it's kind of right: we think -- we're hoping -- that the incentives around btc make it work at scale. It seems to be working, but more is different, as they say. But we assume it will continue to work, because people are pretty good at being people.
Now imagine you're some dude, doing whatever you do, and your life is good, you're making a bunch of money. Or at least, you're not one of the people making no money, you're not one of those clawing and scrabbling. And some new thing gets proposed, and the upside for you is unclear, and the downside is very clear, very internalized as we were recently discussing.
I always liked to think I wouldn't behave the way they did.
Of course I liked to believe that.